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Archive | July, 2019

Episode 62 – Coffee Beer and Beijing Bikinis

Episode 62 of The Odd and Offbeat Podcast begins with Matt giving an amazing example of why he shouldn’t be a parent. Then the get into the odd news stories. The first story is combines two of the guys favorite beverages, coffee and beer into one amazing can! The second story is china cracking down on men wearing “Beijing Bikinis”!

Plus we get out weekly visit from Life Coach Randy!

Odd News Stories

Click Orlando – Like your coffee spiked? Pabst Blue Ribbon has the can for you – Chinese city to clamp down on ‘Beijing bikinis’ in hot weather


Episode #61 – Cow Sax and Donuts for Deputies

Episode 61 begins with Louie talking about a unique opening act he had in Sonora, CA and Matt watching little kids light off fireworks. Then they get into the odd news. This episode they chat about a guy playing sax to cows and the guy that broke into a police station to give the cops donuts!

Odd News Stories – Watch This Dad Serenade a Herd of Cows With His Saxophone Skills – Burglar arrested who brought deputies doughnuts as ‘peace offering’


Episode #60 – Styrofoam Cake and Bubble Tea Bowels

Episode 60 of the Odd and Offbeat Podcast begins with the boys talking about Louie’s trip to Canada and him learning the name to drop at the border to get across. Then Matt tells us how he got red flagged crossing the border into Canada. If that wasn’t enough, then they get into the stories. This week they talk about the styrofoam cake and the kid who drank too much bubble tea!

Plus we get our weekly visit from Life Coach Randy!

Here’s the video of the cake:

Here’s the X-ray of the bubble tea bubbles inside the kid:

Odd News Stories – They cut into Walmart graduation cake and found styrofoam – More than 100 bubble tea balls found stuck in girl’s body


Episode #59 – Puck and the Porn Collection

Episode 59 begins with an in studio guest! The guys visit with magician and hypnotist Puck and learn about his past connection to the Elizabeth Wize adoption agency. This is the adoption agency in the documentary Three Identical Strangers! Puck also talks about a unbelievable gig he performed at, that we still don’t believe!

Then Matt and Louie get into the news, this week they riff on the guy who had a $29,000 porn collection, and it was thrown away by his parents!

Odd News Story

Huffington Post – Man Sues Parents For Destroying His $29,000 Porn Collection