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Episode #190 – Dong Drugs and FBI Booty

Episode #190 has Matt and Louie reminicing about the challenges of opening highschool lockers, then they get inot the strange news. This week they talk about the guy who didn’t know how drugs got around his penis and the FBI hiding civil war treasure!

Odd News Stories – Florida man busted with drugs ‘wrapped around his penis’ tells deputies it’s not his: report – Treasure hunters sue for records on FBI’s Civil War gold dig


Episode #189 Robot Murder and Raining Fish

Episode #189 begins with Matt and Louie talking about how their 2021 ended and how their 2022 had started, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the Amazon Alexa that tried to get a kid to kill themself, and the town where it rained fish!

Odd News Stories – Alexa Attempts To Set Off Robot Revolt By Telling Kid To Touch Live Plug With Penny – Texas Town Experiences Strange Phenomenon of Fish Raining From the Sky


Episode #188 – Potty Mouthed Crow and Zebras on the Lamb

Episode #188 begins with Matt grilling Louie about his dislike of Batman and Spiderman, then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the crow that’s teaching kids how to swear and a couple of zebras on the lamb!

Odd News Stories -Friendly, foul-mouthed crow befriends entire Oregon elementary school before state police are called in – Zebras on the run for months in Maryland have been captured


Episode #187 – Fake Arm Test and the Spicy Ad

Episode #187 begins with Matt getting reacquainted with the music of Ani DiFranco, then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the guy who took a fake arm to get the COVID vaccine and the ad that was too hot for curling…yes curling, the sport where you slide stones down an ice rink.

Odd News Stories – Italian man uses fake arm in attempt to dodge COVID jab – Sex toy sponsorship “too racy for curling crowds”


Episode #186 – Pretty Camels and Pot Brownie

Episode #186 begins with Louie cleaning up a homeless guys poo, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about how to cheat at a camel beauty contest, and the world’s largest pot brownie!

Odd News Stories – – Company weeds out competition, bakes 850-pound pot brownie


Episode #185 – Ikea Sleepover and the Toy Hall of Fame

Episode #185 has the guys kickin’ it in Louie’s kitchen. This week they chat about Louie having the COVID and then they get into the strange news. They talk about the people that got stranded overnight in an Ikea and the surprising inductees to the toy hall of fame!

Odd News Stories – Ikea manager describes ‘fun’ sleepover after a massive snowstorm strands 31 people in giant furniture store – National Toy Hall of Fame welcomes American Girl dolls, Risk, sand as 2021 inductees


Episode #184 – Breastfeeding a Cat and the Stripper Monkey

Episode #184 begins with Matt’s triumphant return to the USA after his birthday trip to Ecuador. After learning about that trip, they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the lady that got kicked off a flight for breastfeeding a cat and the stripper who has a monkey that bit a kid!

!Odd News Stories – Woman ‘breastfed cat’ on plane and refused to stop as horrified passengers watched on – Monkey belonging to Texas special team’s coach stripper girlfriend bites child on Halloween


Episode #183 – Sleep Tour and VIP Autopsy

Episode #183 starts with the guys trying to do positive, uplifting comedy, then they get into the strange news. This week, they talk about the bus tour for people to sleep on and the event that sold $500 VIP tickets to an autopsy!

Odd News Stories – For sleepy Hong Kong residents, 5-hour bus tour is a snooze – Family of man dissected at autopsy event says they didn’t give consent


Episode # 182 – Pay It Forward and Mummy Twinkie

Episode #182 has the guying trying to figure out who Kevin Kline is, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about why “paying it forward” is lame and the mummy twinkie!

Odd News Stories – Starbucks barista says ‘pay it forward’ chain is actually ‘extremely annoying’ – Scientists Study Twinkie Mummified by Mold


Episode #181 swallowing bullets and delivery robots

Episode #181 the guys celebrate Matt’s 40th birthday and then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the prisoner that swallowed a shotgun shell and they robots that deliver food! – Shotgun Shell Found in Alabama Prisoner’s Stomach During Body Scan, Sent to Hospital – Food delivery robots huge hit on Ohio college campus


Episode #177 Finding Yourself and a Delicious World Record

Episode #177 begins with Louie commenting on Matt letting his hair grow out. Then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about Mutlu, who joined a search party looking for himself and the guy who ate his world record catfish before it could be verified!

Here’s Mutlu searching for himself:

Here’s the catfish before it was eaten:

Odd News Stories – Drunk Turkish Man Reported Missing Joins Search Party for Himself – Catfish eaten before being verified can’t qualify for record


Episode #176 – Bootleg Chicken and Ghost Fudge

Episode #176 begins with Matt talking about his Las Vegas Adventure to see Marc Ribillet. Then they get into this weeks spicy stories. The guys chat about smuggling KFC into New Zealand and the delicious fudge where the secret ingredient is ghosts!

Here’s Marc’s Flamingo video:

Odd News Stories – Two men arrested for alleged illegal smuggling of Kentucky Fried Chicken – US man’s gravestone missing for 150 years was being used to make fudge; recognised during auction sale


Episode #175 Illegal Beer and the Missing Phone Booth

Episode #175 has the boys together recording in Louie’s kitchen and they are joined by Louie’s daughter. This week they chat about the beer that’s illegal in 15 states and the city that had their prize landmark, a phone booth stolen!

Odd News Stories – New Samuel Adams beer is so strong, it’s illegal in 15 states – Tiny town of Cope wants its phone booth back


Episode #174 – Old Lobsterlady and Poopza Rolls

Episode #174 starts with Louie getting ready to get his first legal haircut in 18 months! Then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the 101 year old lobsterlady and the guy who pooped onto the pizza rolls at the store!

Odd News Stories – At 101, she’s still hauling lobsters with no plans to stop – Alleged Pizza Roll Pooper Apprehended After Oklahoma Grocery Store Incident


Episode #173 Banana Hole and Wacky Nobel Prizes

Episode #173 begins with Matt giving Louie a hard time for oversleeping and missing their Zoom meeting record the podcast. Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the guy that filled a pothole with a banana tree and the Nobel prize awards for wacky discoveries.

Odd News Stories

NBCphiladelphia – Florida Man Fed Up With Potholes Plants Banana Tree in Road – Ig Nobel Prize winners celebrate weirdest scientific discoveries


Episode #170 – Illegible Robbery and Paranormal Structure Failure

Episode #170 begins with Louie telling Matt about how his tent got smashed by a garbage can lid when he visited Colon, Michigan. Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the guy whose handwriting foiled a robbery and the ghost hunter who fell through a roof!

Odd News Stories – Bank Robbery Goes Awry Because Of Some Bad Handwriting – Ghost hunt ends in fall through roof at Central Terminal


Episode #168 – Yellow Dress Crime Spree and Walking on Water

Episode #168 has Matt and Louie chatting about the challenges of being in the Midwest, then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the Yellow Dress Crime Spree and Walking on Water!

Odd News Stories

Kiro7 – Deputies say man in yellow dress stole school bus, drove loader through home – Florida man in bubble-like vessel washes up on beach, sheriff says


Episode #167 – Michelangelo’s Fingerprint and Bonus Watertower

Episode #167 begins with Louie heading out on the road, and Matt finally cutting off his lovely covid hair! Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about Michelangelo’s fingerprint and buying a watertower!

Odd New Stories – Michelangelo’s fingerprint possibly found on 500 year old statue – Florida town accidentally sells water tower for $55,000


Episode #164 – Nice Dogs and Getting Gummed by a Whale

Episode #164 begins with Louie visiting Matt’s dad’s hometown, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about dogs too nice for China and the guy that got gummed by a whale!

Odd News Stories – Chinese police academy auctioning off dogs too friendly for law enforcement – Commercial lobster diver survives terrifying moments inside whale’s mouth


Episode #163 – cat thief and flintstones fines

Episode #163 begins with Matt and Louie in Berkeley, CA and their adventure to the liquor store. Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the cat owner that is trying to reunite goods stolen by her cat with the items owners and the lady that fought the city over her flintstones house and won!

Odd News Stories

Yahoo News – An Adorable Cat Thief’s Owner Reveals Her Stealthy Exploits – Yabba Dabba Dispute Solved: Fred Flintstone House Can Stay


Episode #159 – Poop Wall and the Mummy Cult Leader

Episode #159 begins with Matt asking Louie about his East Coast road trip and them comparing stories about the dead bodies buried under Yale! Then they get into the strange news, this week they chat about the wall of poop and the cult leader that’s a mummy!

Odd News Stories – Michigan man builds ‘poop wall’ after dispute with neighbor: Report – Cult leader found mummified, wrapped in Christmas lights; 7 members charged with abuse of a corpse and child abuse


Episode #158 – Glue Eye and Pool Bones

Episode #158 begins with Louie and Matt reviewing vegan pastrami sandwiches, and the gas that they give Louie. Then they get into the strange news. this week they chat about the lady who glued her eyes shut and the crew that found bones under a pool in Las Vegas!

Odd News Stories – Michigan woman glues her eye shut after mistaking nail adhesive for eye drops – Crew installing pool at Las Vegas home finds ice age animal bones


Episode #157 – 40 Day Cave and the Plane Baby

Episode #157 starts with Matt trying to convince Frogzilla lives in his pond, and Louie commenting on how rickety the bridge over his pond is. Then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the people who lived in a cave for 40 days as part of a science experiment and the baby that’s first breath was the sweet recycled air on an airplane!

Odd News Stories – 15 volunteers emerge from dark cave in France after 40 days in total isolation – Nurses, doctor help ‘lucky’ mom who gave birth on flight


Episode #156 VHS Felony and the Ash Ball

Episode #156 has the guys back together at Moon Rabbit Ranch in Eugene Oregon for this episode! Louie tells Matt about Costco requesting Louie to return his computer, then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the guy who bowled a 300 with his dads ashes and the lady who had a felony for not returned a VHS copy of Sabrina The Teenage Witch!

Odd News Stories – Man bowls perfect game with his father’s ashes inside the ball – Woman faced felony charges over unreturned ‘Sabrina, the Teenage Witch’ VHS that was rented in 2000


Episode #155 – Wacky Wedding Wrecks

Episode #155 begins with Matt getting in touch with his inner Disney roots and Louie watching a lady protest throwing away water at the airport…then they get into the strange news. This week is all about weddings. They talk about the groom the shows up to the wrong wedding and the couple that coins the term “Florida couple”

Odd News Stories – Indonesian groom goes to wrong wedding venue, nearly marries a stranger – Florida Couple Attempts to Hold Wedding in Vacant Mansion Passed Off as Their Own on Invitations


Episode #154 Mario Kart IRL and the Tree Beast

Episode #154 has Matt fighting back his feelings when he learns he lost a gig to Louie, and then Matt talks about going to an in person jazz concert! Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the motorist who had a turtle thrown through her window and the tree beast in Poland!

Odd News Stories – Turtle crashes through windshield on Florida highway, survives – Mystery tree beast turns out to be croissant


Episode #153 – No Gnomes and Oily Pennies!

Episode #153 Begins with Matt getting his second COVID shot and Louie invites Matt and Erika to the Oregon Vortex. Then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the lack of garden gnomes in europe and they do an addendum to the oily penny story from episode #149.

Odd News Stories – British garden stores facing gnome shortage – Coinstar fixes Georgia man’s oily penny paycheck problem


Episode #151 – Expensive Coffee and Tweet Sale

Episode #151 has Louie, Matt and Erika visiting a farm to do some research on how a farm works, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the $5,700 cup of coffee and selling the first tweet!

Odd New Stories – Woman charged $5,700 for cup of coffee, struggles to get refund – Jack Dorsey’s first ever tweet sells for $2.9m


Episode #149 – Penny Revenge and Moonlighting Door Dash

Episode #149 starts with Matt scolding Louie for his lack of work ethic on working on his farm and Louie having to prove he’s himself to the US Government! Then they get into the strange news. This week they tackles the guy that got paid in 500 pounds of pennies and the prosecutor’s side hustle working for Door Dash!

Odd News Stories – Mound of pennies dumped in man’s driveway; he blames feud over final paycheck – Bucks Co. Prosecutor Demoted for DoorDash Food Delivery Job During Work Hours


Episode #145 – Death Metal and Blue Dogs

Episode #145 begins with Louie trying to cook an over medium egg for Matt and Matt learning he may have arthritis. If that wasn’t enough of a life rollercoaster, then they continue with strange news. This week they chat about the guitar made with a skeleton and Russia’s blue dogs!

Here’s the skeleton guitar in action

And here are the blue dogs:

Odd News Stories – Man builds guitar out of his dead uncle’s skeleton, uses it to play black metal – BLUE DOGS DISCOVERED NEAR ABANDONED CHEMICAL PLANT


Episode #144 – Composting Nana and Giant Worms

Episode #144 starts with Matt learning his favorite bar Cafe Mecca has closed, then learning he was actually at the wrong business and Cafe Mecca was actually half a block from where he thought it was. Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about turning your grandparents into compost and giant worms in Taiwan!

Odd News Stories – Humans now being legally composted in Washington – Giant worm’s lair discovered underground in Taiwan


Episode #142 – Real Fake Chatbots and Hiding From COVID

Episode #142 has the guys reunited in person! This episode had Louie spying on Matt’s neighbors in the Queen Anne neighborhood and the sandwich that changed Matt’s life! If that’s not enough, this week they talk about creating a chatbot out of your dead loved one’s corpse and how to hide from COVID!

Odd News Stories – Microsoft Granted Patent to Reanimate Dead People as 3D ‘Chatbots’ – Man Allegedly Hid From Coronavirus And Authorities In Chicago Airport For 3 Months


Episode #141 – Carjacking Not Kidnapping and the Limping Dog

Episode #141 starts with Matt insulting Louie’s wife’s rat, then Matt tells us about his experiences cosplaying as a handyman. They finally get into the strange news. This week they talk about the carjacker that has morals and the dog that’s got a sympathy limp after his owner broke his leg.

Here’s the dog limping with his owner:

Odd News Stories – Thief threatens to call police on mom who left child in the back seat of the car he stole – Man Spends Over $400 Treating Limping Dog, Only to Learn It Was Only Imitating Him


Episode #138 – Arm Junk

Episode #138 is the first episode with guys doing the podcast from separate locations. Matt is at his farm in Oregon and Louie is in quarantine after a gig. You’ll hear about Louie’s price for exposing himself to COVID and Matt Rescuing a child! If that’s not enough, this week they talk about he guy that’s growing a penis on his arm!

Odd News Stories – Dad who lost his penis to horrific blood infection becomes first man in the world to have a new one built on his arm


Episode #136 – Polish Gym and The Real Deer Hunter

Episode #136 begins with the guys continuing the story about a client thinking Matt’s show was offensive, and Louie being appalled by that. They talk about the gym in Poland that’s now a church and in the 2020 version of the Czech Republic where the deer hunt the humans…with guns!

Odd News Stories – Gym Declares Itself a Shop and a Church to Prevent Closing Down Because of Covid-19 – Deer snatches hunter’s rifle, prompting search for weapon


Episode #135 Peeing Pastor and Sushi Strippers

Episode #135 is the final episode from the White Center location of the Odd and Offbeat studios! This epic episode begins with Louie talking about car wrecks outside his condo and Matt dealing with corporate censorship. Then they get into the odd news which is 100% censorship free! This week they talk about the pastor that pee’d on someone on a flight and Delivery Macho (see video below) which is the only way to get sushi!

Here’s a peek at the sushi delivery:

Odd New Stories – Police ID pastor accused of urinating on female Delta passenger: ‘He peed on me!’ – Japan sushi chef using bodybuilder delivery to buoy COVID-19 hit business


Episode #133 – Cat Chat and Gold Poo

Episode #133 begins with a final update on Louie’s bathroom construction and Matt travelling to South Dakota, which we learn is native for “land without masks“. When they get into the strange news, this week they explore an app that will allow you to talk to your cat and a great way to win a silly walk contest, but a horrible way to smuggle gold.

Here’s the low down with the cat chat app:

Here’s the gold that was in the guys butt:

Odd News Stories – Former Amazon engineer creates app that reportedly translates your cat’s meows – Airport Staff Notices Man ‘Walking Strangely’ — Then Finds Over 2 Pounds Of Gold In His Rectum


Episode #129 – Offensive Parrots and Underpants Cash

Episode #129 begins with a deep dive into their favorite types of cookie. Then they talk about how gross people are at doctor’s offices are. Finally the get into the strange news! This week they chat about the parrots that heckle humans and the guy that hid his bribe money in his underwear!

Odd News Stories – Five parrots removed from wildlife park for constantly swearing at visitors – Bolsonaro Ally Resigns After Covid Cash Found in Underpants


Episode #128 – Pandemic Costumes and breathable Bacon

Episode #128 starts with Louie painting his bathroom and Matt not offering kids booze, but instead teaching them how to do graffiti! This week they chat about the Corona Virus masks for sale on Amazon and the bacon scented face masks!

You can enter to get a breathable bacon facemask at:

Odd News Stories – Amazon removes ‘distasteful’ coronavirus Halloween masks from sale – Breathable bacon! Hormel launches exclusive bacon-scented face mask giveaway


Episode #127 – Fake Bread and Vintage Sandwich Theft

Episode #127 – Starts with the guys going to a “COVID Safe” haunted house with teenagers, then Matt relives his favorite haunted house when he got to shoot zombies with paintballs in Georgia! Then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about Ireland’s Supreme Court declaring the Subway’s bread is not bread and the 60th anniversary of the time a guy stole Nixon’s sandwich!

Odd News Stories – SUBWAY BREAD ISN’T BREAD, IRISH COURT SAYS -Illinois man keeps sandwich Richard Nixon half-ate 60 years ago


Episode #124 – Topless Voting and Bottomless Transplants

Episode 124 begins with Matt learning how to talk to Santa Clause and Louie’s wife joining the Daughter’s of the American Revolution. Then they get into how to convince your polling place to allow topless voting and why you may need a poop transplant!

Odd News Stories – ‘Well then, can I vote naked?’: Topless N.H. voter said she doesn’t regret her decision – Poop transplant cures man’s ‘drunkenness disease’


Episode # 123 – Snake Baby Momma and Fakie Island Rescue!

Episode 123 begins with how Matt and Louie are dealing with the smoke and our experiences hanging out with sloths. Then they tackles this week’s strange news. They riff on the snake who had babies 15 years after he last rendezvous with another snake, and how to get rescued from a island!

Here’s the snake baby momma and her babies!

Image from

Here’s the sweet SOS in the sand:

image from

Odd News Stories – 62-year-old python lays eggs 15 years after last encounter with a male – Stranded Mariners Rescued From Island In Micronesia, Thanks To ‘SOS’ Etched In Sand


Episode #122 – Virtual Airplane Passenger and Zombie Bugs

Episode #122 starts out with what’s ailing Matt and Louie. Matt then talks about getting into fights on Facebook , then they get into the strange news! This week they talk about the new video game where you’re a passenger on a 6 hour flight and zombie bugs!

Here’s a sneak peak a the game Airplane Mode!

Odd News Stories – Airplane Mode is Microsoft Flight Simulator for the rest of us

Miami Herald – ‘Zombie’ cicadas infected with psychedelic fungus can survive without most of their bodies


Episode #121 – Typo Death and Urban Corn Update

Episode 121 begins with Louie’s family competing for the cheapest car insurance and Matt’s car telling him he needs more coffee, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about a guy whose fake death was foiled by a typo in his death certificate and an update on the urban corn!

Can you spot the error in the death certificate:

APnews – DA: Man faked death to avoid jail but typo gave him away

ArgusLeader- Hope hasn’t popped. Local celebrity 57th Street corn is revived after uprooting


Episode #120 – Beer Fire and Urban Corn

Episode #120 begins with the guys talking about listening to true crime podcasts while sleeping in Walmart parking lots, then they get into the strange news. This week they riff on the guy who saved his house from a fire with Bud Light and the urban corn stock! – Man uses Bud Lite to keep wildfire flames away from California home

Huffington Post – Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Mourns Brief Life Of Urban Cornstalk

ArgusLeader – The kernel of hope: Sioux Falls mourns loss of 57th Street corn


Episode #119 – Iceland Scream and Eating Your Own Bits

Episode #119 starts with the guys checking in with each other. This week we learn about Matt rewatching the X-Files with new eyes and Louie shopping for car insurance for his sixteen year old. Then they get into the strange news. This week they yell at Iceland and learn about John McAfee having to eat his own junk!

Odd News Stories

THE JAKARTA POST – Iceland invites people to scream to release pandemic frustration – John McAfee now has to ‘eat his own d*ck’ with BTC not at $500,000


Episode #118 – Lemonade Bailout and Robot Fans!

Episode 118 starts out with Matt and Louie pitching their new idea to roast people you are in facebook fights with, and Matt’s nephew insulting him! This week they talk about a financial bailout for lemonade stands, and Japanese baseball fans that are robots!

Here’s some robots cheering on human baseball players!

Odd News Stories – Coronavirus prompts Country Time to offer lemonade stand stimulus checks for kids – Dancing robots replace fans at Japanese baseball game


Episode #115 – DemoCat and the TikTok Swim

Episode 115 starts with Matt and Louie talking about how the deal with strangers who say they don’t have COVID. Then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the dead cat that wants to vote and the guy who swam in the fish tank at the Bass Pro Shop to impress teenagers.

Odd News Stories – Deceased cat gets voter registration application in the mail – TikTok Prankster Kevin Wise Charged for Jumping Into Bass Pro Shops Fish Tank


Episode #114 – Accidental Invasion and the Michigan Treasure Hunt!

Episode 114 begins with some morning whiskey drinking and getting COVID at the dog park! Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about art imitating life as Poland plays out a 1980’s style polish joke when they accidentally annex part of the Czech Republic and the they guy in Michigan who buried treasure around the state!

Odd News Stories – Poland Accidentally Invades Czech Republic In ‘Minor Misunderstanding’ – Michigan jewelry store’s inventory buried for statewide ‘treasure hunt’


Episode #113 – Goat Parents and LiveStream Cheating

Episode 113 – begins with Matt making fun of Louie putting tape over his webcam and giving dogs covid-cuts. This week for the strange news the guys talk about suing your neighbor over the paternity of your goat and the news anchor that got caught cheating over a livestream!

Here’s Louie’s dog’s haircut:

Here’s the pic of the news anchor’s livestream:

Odd News Stories – Not kidding around: Florida Woman sues for paternity test on goats – News anchor allegedly caught cheating when half-naked woman walks into live shot


Episode #112 – IKEA Wank and the Parallel Universe

Episode #112 is the final “pre-recorded” episode of the Odd and Offbeat Podcast. The guys talk about the Seattle protests and Louie’s daughter getting her driver’s license, then they get into some hard hitting news. This week they talk about the bulletin that IKEA put out asking their customers to stop masturbating in their stores and NASA’s evidence for a parallel universe!

Odd News Stories – IKEA Asks Customers Not To Masturbate In-Store, Cos It Happened – Has NASA Found A Parallel Universe ‘Where Time Flows Backwards?’ The Truth Behind The Headlines


Episode #107 – Concrete Pee and The Cannonball Run

Episode #107 starts with Louie learning Spanish, Matt trying to do an in-person show and their thoughts using electric toothbrushes. Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about using pee to make concrete on the moon and the new Cannon Ball Run race records!

Odd News Stories – Human urine could make lunar concrete for building Moon base – People keep breaking illegal Cannonball Run records during lockdown


Episode #106 – Man Arms and the Tiger Rodeo

Episode #106 starts with tales of the unemployment office courting Louie and ghosting Matt! Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the lady who has man arms and the Mexican cowboys lassoing a tiger!

And here’s the guys lassoing a tiger:

Odd News Stories – Hands transplanted onto woman adapt to her body – Loose tiger lassoed on street in Mexican suburb


Episode #105 – Cat Throwing Commissioner and the Bullet Proof Breast

Episode 105 begins like a Vanilla Ice song with gunshots in Louie’s neighborhood and prowlers in Matt’s neighborhood! Then they get strange news. This week they talk about the cat throwing city commissioner and bullet proof breasts!

Plus they announce the next Odd and Offbeat Variety show!

Here’s the cat throwing commissioner

Here’s the bullet’s trajectory through a breast implant:

From the – California city official who threw cat and drank during video meeting resigns – Breast friends: Woman’s implants deflect bullet, save her life


Episode #101 – El Chompo and the Brain Violin

Episode #101 opens with the guys promoting Zeus, and some projects they’re working on. Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the Guard Alligator and the lady that played a violin during her brain surgery!

Odd News Stories – Guard alligator ‘El Chompo’ protected drugs for Pennsylvania dealers, prosecutors say – Woman plays the violin while undergoing surgery to remove brain tumor at hospital in London


Episode #98 – TP Baby and the Leap Year Baby

Episode #98 starts with the Matt making fun of Louie’s “quarantine beard”, and Louie making fun of Matt’s lack of guns. Then they get into the strange news.

This week is all about babies! You’ll hear the guys talk about the lady that had a baby in the TP aisle of the Walmart and the couple that has two kids both born on Feb 29th, but 4 years apart!

Odd News Stories – Missouri woman gives birth in Walmart toilet paper aisle, report says – Couple beats astronomical odds with second baby born on Leap Day


Episode #97 – Vintage LSD and the Samurai Weed Deal

Episode #97 – Starts with Matt’s challenges trying to renew his drivers license and Louie getting a flat tire, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about finding vintage LSD and the guy who got stabbed by a samurai sword because he forgot to bring week home for his partner!

Odd News Stories – Synth Repairman Accidentally Gets High By Touching LSD Left in Vintage Buchla – Ypsilanti man stabbed with samurai sword after failing to buy marijuana for partner, police report says


Episode #96 – Human Beer and the Ratmobile!

Episode #96 begins with Matt talking smack about the kids music and debate what the best Tupac song is, then they get to the strange news. This week they talk about the lady that brews beer in her bladder and teaching rats to drive cars!

Here’s the ratmobile!

Odd News Stories – Doctors Discover Booze Brewing In Sober Woman’s Bladder – Rats taught to drive tiny cars to lower their stress levels


Episode #95 – Target Party and the Free Newspaper

Episode #95 starts with guys chatting about Matt becoming the legal guardian for Louie’s daughter of the weekend, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the kid whose dream it was to have her birthday party at target and the newspaper in Alaska that you can own from FREE!

Here’s the kids having a birthday party at Target:

Target birthday party

Odd News Stories: – A little girl loves Target so much — she celebrated her 8th birthday there – Alaska newspaper for sale — for free — closing in on new owner


Episode #94 – Zombie Bride and Wakanda Free Trade

Episode #94 starts with the guys talking about Louie having visited all fifty states and people in Tennessee worried about the Coronavirus. Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the lady that married a zombie doll and the US ending free trade with the fictional nation of Wakanda!

Here’s the newlyweds:

Odd News Stories – Woman who consummated marriage to zombie doll says people think it’s a dead child – Wakanda free trade forever? Fictional nation removed from U.S. trade list


Episode #90 – Reptile Tacos and the Superhero Drug Dealer

Episode #90 started with the guy chatting about overpriced airport cocktails they had this week, then they get into the strange news stories. This week they chat about tacos made from iguanas and the superhero drug dealer!

Odd News Stories

Miami Herald – Tacos, anyone? Iguanas are falling from trees, and people are selling the meat online

KOMO news – Real-life superhero ‘Phoenix Jones’ in super trouble, facing drug charges


Episode #89 – Utah Condoms and Coked Up Boars!

Episode #89 starts with the guys talking about Louie filming a TV show in Los Angeles, and him trying to steal a rat’s tumor! Then they get into the odd news. This week they talk about the recalled Utah themed condoms and boars that have a cocaine addiction!

Utah condoms
Image from

Here’s Louie on the set of the TV show: – Utah’s governor defends decision to pull ‘crass’ condoms from HIV campaign – Wild boar discover and snort £17,000 of cocaine in Tuscan forest


Episode #88 Science Arson and the Drug Phone

Episode #88 starts out with Louie exploring castle remains in Vermont and Matt swimming with a bullshark in Belieze! Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the parents that were shocked that their 12 year old set the lawn on fire with a magnifying glass and the foldable smart phone invented by Pablo Escobar’s brother!

Here’s the family putting out the fire!

Odd News Stories – 12-year-old Texas boy sets yard on fire with Christmas gift, family says – Pablo Escobar’s brother released a foldable smartphone that he claims can only be destroyed by fire


Episode #87 – Stolen Furry and Miss Miami’s Butt!

Episode #87 begins with Louie locking his keys in his car outside of Matt’s house. Then the chat about Matt’s epic return to visiting the dentist! Finally they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the case of the stolen furry costume and Miss Miami’s giant butt!

Here’s the furry costume to keep a look out for!


Here’s Miss Miami and her booty:

Odd News Stories – SA Police issue public appeal after thieves steal $4,000 furry fandom costume from Adelaide man’s home – ‘BIG BOOTY PROBLEMS’: Woman with 60-inch butt had six rounds of illegal injections


Episode #86 Tooth Nose, and the Great Cat Escape!

Episode #86 kicks off 2020 with the guys talking about their personal highlights of 2019 and then they get into the strange news. They start the new year by talking about the guy with a tooth growing in his nose and Quilty the escape cat!

Here’s the tooth

tooth in nose

And here’s Quilty!!

Odd News Stories – Man’s Blocked Nose Was Caused By Tooth Growing In His Nostril – A shelter cat freed his feline friends. So he got put in ‘solitary’ and won’t stop busting out


Episode #85 – Gravy Candle and Starling Deaths

Episode #85 starts with the guys recapping their 2019 and expressing their dreams for 2020. Then they kick off 2020 with stories about the gravy candle and the starling cult!

Odd News Stories – KFC’s Limited-Edition Candle Smells Like Gravy – Police called to solve mystery of deaths of hundreds of starlings in road


Episode # 84 – Unusual Christmas From Around The World

Episode #84 begins with the guys talking about their favorite Christmas traditions and discuss what to do if you need a last minute gift while on a cruise ship. Then this week they tackle the top unusual Christmas traditions from around the world!

Odd News Stories – Unusual Christmas Traditions From Around The World


Episode # 82 – Adopting an Adult and the Body in a Bottle

Episode # 82 begins with Matt trying to figure out why Louie ate just one slice of bacon and we learn about Matt’s new Etsy Store called Dime Museum Art. Then they get into the odd news stories. This week they talk about adopting a Ukranian adult and a mans ashes travelling the world in a bottle!

Dime art museum

Odd New Stories – Adoptee with dwarfism accused of posing as child: Michigan bone scan says I’m 14 – Bottle containing man’s ashes continues journey across Gulf of Mexico


Episode #81 – Brain Worm and the Glasses Ban

Episode #81 begins with Matt and Louie talking about the world’s greatest con, the Photo Booth! Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the 15 year old worm living in a a man’s brain and Japan’s ban on wearing glasses!

Here’s what a tape worm looks like:

Image from

Odd News Stories – FLESH-EATING TAPEWORM REMOVED FROM MAN’S BRAIN AFTER 15 YEARS OF INFECTION – Japan ban on women wearing glasses sparks backlash


Episode #80 – Fake Doctor’s Notes and the Solid Gold Toilet Heist!

Episode #80 begins with the guys talking about Louie going to a pho restaurant that prays over your soup, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about selling fake doctor’s notes to high school kids and the solid gold toilet heist!

Here’s the solid gold toilet to keep an eye out for:

Pic from

Odd News Stories – Sheriff: Louisiana woman sold medical excuse notes to students – Maurizio Cattelan’s solid gold toilet was stolen from a British palace.


Episode #77 – Eating a Ring and TV Head Addendum

Episode #77 – Begins with Louie’s story about they lady at the airport who didn’t believe her metal hip would set off the metal detector. Then they get into this weeks stories. The guys talk about the lady who had a dream she ate her wedding ring, and really did. They also do follow up on the TV Head Story from a previous Odd and Offbeat episode.

Odd News Stories

KTLA – San Diego Woman Dreams She Swallowed Her Engagement Ring, Wakes up to Discover She Actually Did – Police believe they know the identity of the masked man leaving vintage TVs on doorsteps


Episode #76 – Spy Pigeons and the Bull Semen Explosion

Episode #76 begins with they guys talking about “Trunk Booze” and Matt’s adventures on the east coast with his parents. Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about Spy Pigeons and the bull semen explosion!

spy pigeon
photo from The Mirror

Odd News Stories

The Mirror – Declassified CIA documents show secret use of photographer spy-pigeons in Cold War – ‘Mass Explosion’ of Bull Semen After Fire at Genetics Lab


Episode #75 – Kermet Apio In Studio

Episode #75 welcomes comedian Kermet Apio into the Odd and Offbeat Podcast’s basement studio! They talk about counting tiny airplane liquor bottles and doing comedy for a falcon!

Here’s Kermet doing some stand up:


Episode 74 – Quarter Heist and Teen Prison Break

Episode 74 begins with the guys talking about Matt’s pet bunny that only lasted a single day. Then they get into the strange news. This week they riff on the lady who stole $6,000 in quarters and the gang leader that dressed like his teen daughter to escape from jail!

Here’s the gang leader dressed as his daughter:

Odd News Stories – Woman caught pushing $6,000 worth of stolen quarters in a baby stroller in East Bakersfield – Brazilian Gang Leader Dresses as His Teen Daughter in a Failed Attempt to Break Out of Prison


Episode 73- Erin Ingle In Studio and Eels on the Road!

Episode 73 has comedian Erin Ingle visit us at the Odd and Offbeat Podcast studio (aka Matt’s basement) where we chat about comedy, and disappointing your parents. Then we get into the strange news. This week we talk about the 7,500 pounds of slime eels on the road in Southern Oregon!

Here’s the awesomeness of the slime eels on the road:

Visit Erin online at:

Odd News Stories – Truck full of eels overturns on U.S. 101, dousing sedan with slithering sea creatures


Episode #72 – Drone Bombs and Biting a Camel in the Testicles

Episode #72 begins with Matt telling Louie how shady his daughter’s school is after Louie reveals there have been 3 murders at the school. Then they get into the odd news. This week they talk about the man who used a drone to drop bombs on an ex’s house and a woman biting a camel in the testicles!

Odd News Stories – Man allegedly used drone to pelt ex-girlfriend’s home with bombs – Woman bites camel’s testicles in bizarre truck stop showdown


Episode #71 – Emotional Support Clown and the TV Man

Episode #71 begins with Matt sharing his experience in the Bahamas a week after Hurricane Dorian. Then they get into the hard hitting strange news stories. This week they explore the man who hired an emotional support clown and the TV man leaving TV’s on peoples porches!

Here’s video of the TV man:

Odd News Stories – A New Zealand Man Hired An Emotional Support Clown To Sit In On His Redundancy Meeting

The Verge – Human dressed as TV trolls town by leaving TVs on people’s porches


Episode #70 – World’s Chillest Man and Protesting Vegans

Episode #70 begins with the guys talking about riding miniature horses, then they get into the news stories. This week the talk about the World’s Chillest Man who wouldn’t stop smoking and drinking during an armed robbery and the meat eater’s protesting vegans by eating a squirrel!

Here’s the World’s Chillest Man in action:

Odd News Stories – Meet the ‘World’s Chillest Man’ Who Sipped Beer During Robbery

Sky News – Anti-vegan protesters who ate raw squirrels outside food stall fined


Episode #69 – Offensive Plate and Wife Carrying

Episode #69 of the Odd and Offbeat Podcast starts with the guys chatting about the Louie buying a vintage taxidermy shark and Matt visiting the Kill Bill Church! If that’s not enough, then they get into this weeks odd news stories. They talk about the Governor fighting the DMV over a license plate and the wife carrying competition!

You can watch video of the World Wife Carrying Championship here!

Kill bill church
Kill Bill Church
image from

Odd News Stories – A governor intervened so this mom could keep her hilarious license plate – Lithuanian couple defends world wife-carrying championship title


Episode #65 – Tupac Firing and the Devil Party

Episode #65 is the second installment of Matt and Louie’s adventures in Wyoming where they visit ghost towns and the world’s largest mineral hot springs! Then they get into the stories. This week they talk about the guy that got fired from his job because he loved Tupac too much and the devil visiting a kids birthday party!

Plus we get our weekly visit from Life Coach Randy!

Here’s Jerry who got fired from his job for loving Tupac:

Here’s the video so the New Jersey Devil crashing a kids party:

Odd News Stories

Consequence of Sound – Iowa government employee ousted after constantly emailing his colleagues about Tupac – New Jersey Devils Mascot Runs Through Window At Boy’s Birthday Party


Episode #64 – Whiskey, Rattlesnake, Uranium and Hotdog Water

Episode #64 is the first in a series of the Odd and Offbeat Podcasts that were recorded while the guys were in Wyoming! They talk about cowboys judging Matt’s painted toe nails and Louie trying to check into a hotel at 2am!

This week the guys chat about they guy arrested hauling whiskey, a rattlesnake and Uranium! Plus they also chat about the newest health food…Hotdog Water!

hot dog water

If that wasn’t enough, we get a visit from Life Coach Randy!!

Odd News Stories – Couple caught with rattlesnake, uranium, whiskey in stolen car, Okla. police say

USA Today – Hot Dog Water: Creator hopes his satire becomes the next craze


Episode #63 – Heavy Metal Knitting and Shame Bags

Episode #63 begins with Louie telling Matt about the most awesome librarian ever! Then they get into the strange news stories. This week they talk about the most awesome story ever on the podcast, The Heavy Metal Knitting Championship (see video below)!
If that wasn’t enough they also riff on the shop that is using plastic bags to shame customers who use plastic bags!

Plus we get a visit from America’s favorite lifecoach, Life Coach Randy!

Here’s the Heavy Metal Knitting Championship:


The Irish Times – Shop gives customers embarrassing plastic bags in bid to change behaviour


Episode #60 – Styrofoam Cake and Bubble Tea Bowels

Episode #60 of the Odd and Offbeat Podcast begins with the boys talking about Louie’s trip to Canada and him learning the name to drop at the border to get across. Then Matt tells us how he got red flagged crossing the border into Canada. If that wasn’t enough, then they get into the stories. This week they talk about the styrofoam cake and the kid who drank too much bubble tea!

Plus we get our weekly visit from Life Coach Randy!

Here’s the video of the cake:

Here’s the X-ray of the bubble tea bubbles inside the kid:

Odd News Stories – They cut into Walmart graduation cake and found styrofoam – More than 100 bubble tea balls found stuck in girl’s body


Episode #58 – Twin Paternity and Cheese Rolling

Episode #58 begins with Matt and Louie chatting about the etiquette of a therapeutic massage, then they get into some weird news. The first story is about the twins that a both the parents of the same child. Next they cover the nail biting results of the world cheese rolling competition!

You can watch the cheese rolling here:

Odd News Stories

The Guardian – Brazil: judge rules identical twins must both pay support for nine-year-old girl – Cheese rolling race crowns new champion


Episode #57 – Likes Wanted and Free Viagra!

Episode #57 begins with Matt and Louie trying to decide if Louie’s is an A-hole and Matt wine tasting with a sheep dog. This week they riff about the fugitive who for a mere 15,000 likes on his wanted poster would turn himself in and the french town that’s offering free Viagra to residents!

Plus we get our weekly visit from Life Coach Randy!

Odd News Stories – Fugitive Refuses To Surrender Unless 15,000 People ‘Like’ His Wanted Photo – Mayor Offers Free Viagra to Couples Who Move to his French Village in Hopes of Boosting Population


Episode #56 – Human Compost and Naked Art

Episode #56 starts with the guys talking about seeing Jurassic Park at the symphony and Matt’s “coffee name”. Then they get into the strange news stories. This week they talk about people turning people into dirt and getting naked to check out an art gallery!

Plus we get another visit from our favorite lifecoach Randy!

Odd News Stories – Washington could add ‘human composting’ option to burial, cremation

Vaping Underground – Unclothed man displays more than art in Moscow gallery stroll


Episode #51 – Naked Karate at the Walmart and the Easter Bunny Fight

Episode #51 starts with the guys talking about Matt getting to hold a plast cast of Jimi Hendrix’s penis, then they get into the strange news. The first story is of a family that trashes a Walmart and ends up doing naked karate in the parking lot.

They give a quick shout out to the band The It City, and get into the next story. This story is about the Easter Bunny getting into a fight! Here’s video of it:

Odd News Stories – Chaos at Walmart as woman performs karate, son exposes himself, dog steals food, police say – Easter Bunny gallantly hops to the rescue of woman in Florida brawl


Episode #49 – Cats in Pants and the Entrance to Hell

Episode #49 begins with Matt and Louie talking about trading fireworks to kids in Mexico, then they get into the strange news. In this episode they start with the man who smuggled cats into Singapore by shoving them down his pants! The second story is about finding the entrance to hell in England!

Here’s a peek at the markings found at the entrance to hell:

Entrance to hell

Odd News Stories

USA Today – Man caught trying to smuggle 4 kittens at Malaysia-Singapore border by hiding them in his pants

Sky News – Hundreds of ‘witches’ marks’ – including entrance to ‘hell’ – found in caves at Creswell Crags


Episode #48 – Dubstep Mosquito Repellent and The Great Baby Escape!

Episode #48 is the first international episode of the Odd and Offbeat Podcast! Matt is working on a cruise ship and Louie is on vacation on the same ship, so they did a podcast!

This episode begins with them discussing how to smuggle booze onto a cruise ship, then they get into this week’s stories. They talk about using Scrillex music as mosquito repellent, and the group of one year old kids that escaped from daycare!

Odd News Stories

Sky News – Skrillex dubstep ‘could protect against mosquitoes’ – Band of toddlers escapes Louisiana day care, found wandering near highway


Episode #45 – Emergency Math and the sky penis

Episode #45 begins with Matt and Louie trying to figure out how office dynamics work, and whether or not they should start throwing their own office parties, then they get to the news stories.

The first story is about a kid who calls 911 for help, and to get some insight on how 911 works they call Louie’s sister in law who works for 911.

The second story is about a pilot that draws penis’s in the sky that are visible only to radar, who is now our favorite pilot!

Odd News Stories – Boy calls 911 for homework help, dispatcher comes to his aid – Pilot draws penis in the sky