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Archive | December, 2019

Episode #85 – Gravy Candle and Starling Deaths

Episode #85 starts with the guys recapping their 2019 and expressing their dreams for 2020. Then they kick off 2020 with stories about the gravy candle and the starling cult!

Odd News Stories – KFC’s Limited-Edition Candle Smells Like Gravy – Police called to solve mystery of deaths of hundreds of starlings in road


Episode # 84 – Unusual Christmas From Around The World

Episode #84 begins with the guys talking about their favorite Christmas traditions and discuss what to do if you need a last minute gift while on a cruise ship. Then this week they tackle the top unusual Christmas traditions from around the world!

Odd News Stories – Unusual Christmas Traditions From Around The World


Episode #83 – Cocaine Sweater and Cowboy Pigeons!

Episode #83 opens up with the guys talking about performing at corporate events and haunted places in San Antonio and Louie’s visit to the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, TX. Then they get into some sweet news stories. This week they talk about Columbia suing Walmart over a sweater and pigeons wearing cowboy hats!

Here’s the offensive sweater:

santa cocaine sweater

Here’s a pigeon heading to the rodeo:

pigeon with cowboy hat

Odd News Stories – Colombia is threatening to sue Walmart over a cocaine-themed holiday sweater – Pigeons wearing tiny cowboy hats spotted in Las Vegas


Episode # 82 – Adopting an Adult and the Body in a Bottle

Episode # 82 begins with Matt trying to figure out why Louie ate just one slice of bacon and we learn about Matt’s new Etsy Store called Dime Museum Art. Then they get into the odd news stories. This week they talk about adopting a Ukranian adult and a mans ashes travelling the world in a bottle!

Dime art museum

Odd New Stories – Adoptee with dwarfism accused of posing as child: Michigan bone scan says I’m 14 – Bottle containing man’s ashes continues journey across Gulf of Mexico


Episode #81 – Brain Worm and the Glasses Ban

Episode #81 begins with Matt and Louie talking about the world’s greatest con, the Photo Booth! Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the 15 year old worm living in a a man’s brain and Japan’s ban on wearing glasses!

Here’s what a tape worm looks like:

Image from

Odd News Stories – FLESH-EATING TAPEWORM REMOVED FROM MAN’S BRAIN AFTER 15 YEARS OF INFECTION – Japan ban on women wearing glasses sparks backlash