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Archive | June, 2020

Episode #111 – Toad Vomit Lozenges and the Beer Hike

Episode 111 begins with congratulations to Matt and Erika on having ten beautiful zygotes! Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about Isaac Newton’s recipe for making lozenges out of toad vomit and how you can get paid to hike and drink beer!

Odd News Stories – Newton’s recipe for ‘toad vomit lozenges’ up for auction – You Can Get Paid $20K to Drink Beer & Hike the Appalachian Trail in 2021


Episode #110 – Hitler’s Alligator and Wrong Fantasy Delivery

Episode 110 begins with the emergency introduction as both Matt and Louie are out of town and needed to use a pre-recorded intro that they made in case of dire emergencies. Then they get into the odd news. This week they pour out a drink for their homie alligator who died and the fantasy break in scenario that happened at the wrong address!

Odd News Stories – Saturn, Rumored to Be ‘Hitler’s Alligator,’ Dies at 84 – Men hired for sexual fantasy break into wrong house


Episode #109 – Beard Punch and the Lost Amazon Ring

Episode #109 is the first of several episodes where both Louie and Matt are out of town going on separate adventures.

This episode starts with Matt telling us about shooting up is girlfriend with IVF drugs, then they get into the strange news. This week you’ll hear about why men have beards and why your Amazon Prime box is the new Cracker Jack box!

Odd News Stories – Beards evolved so men could take punches to the head, study finds – Amazon worker loses engagement ring in customer’s parcel


Episode #108 – Fruit Bandit and Dark Web Eunuch

Episode 108 begins with Matt and Louie chatting about trying to remember the worst things they’ve ever done and their thoughts on the Seattle protests. Then they tackle this week’s strange news. They talk about the two people who used watermelons as a disguises and they man who set up a dark web castration!

watermelon bandits and strange news

Odd News Stories – ‘So stupid’: Police bust ‘watermelon head’ suspect after theft

Newsweek – Florida Man Arrested After Botched Home Castration on Man He Met Via Dark Web Eunuch Fetish Site


Episode #107 – Concrete Pee and The Cannonball Run

Episode #107 starts with Louie learning Spanish, Matt trying to do an in-person show and their thoughts using electric toothbrushes. Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about using pee to make concrete on the moon and the new Cannon Ball Run race records!

Odd News Stories – Human urine could make lunar concrete for building Moon base – People keep breaking illegal Cannonball Run records during lockdown