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Archive | July, 2020

Episode #115 – DemoCat and the TikTok Swim

Episode 115 starts with Matt and Louie talking about how the deal with strangers who say they don’t have COVID. Then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the dead cat that wants to vote and the guy who swam in the fish tank at the Bass Pro Shop to impress teenagers.

Odd News Stories – Deceased cat gets voter registration application in the mail – TikTok Prankster Kevin Wise Charged for Jumping Into Bass Pro Shops Fish Tank


Episode #114 – Accidental Invasion and the Michigan Treasure Hunt!

Episode 114 begins with some morning whiskey drinking and getting COVID at the dog park! Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about art imitating life as Poland plays out a 1980’s style polish joke when they accidentally annex part of the Czech Republic and the they guy in Michigan who buried treasure around the state!

Odd News Stories – Poland Accidentally Invades Czech Republic In ‘Minor Misunderstanding’ – Michigan jewelry store’s inventory buried for statewide ‘treasure hunt’


Episode #113 – Goat Parents and LiveStream Cheating

Episode 113 – begins with Matt making fun of Louie putting tape over his webcam and giving dogs covid-cuts. This week for the strange news the guys talk about suing your neighbor over the paternity of your goat and the news anchor that got caught cheating over a livestream!

Here’s Louie’s dog’s haircut:

Here’s the pic of the news anchor’s livestream:

Odd News Stories – Not kidding around: Florida Woman sues for paternity test on goats – News anchor allegedly caught cheating when half-naked woman walks into live shot


Episode #112 – IKEA Wank and the Parallel Universe

Episode #112 is the final “pre-recorded” episode of the Odd and Offbeat Podcast. The guys talk about the Seattle protests and Louie’s daughter getting her driver’s license, then they get into some hard hitting news. This week they talk about the bulletin that IKEA put out asking their customers to stop masturbating in their stores and NASA’s evidence for a parallel universe!

Odd News Stories – IKEA Asks Customers Not To Masturbate In-Store, Cos It Happened – Has NASA Found A Parallel Universe ‘Where Time Flows Backwards?’ The Truth Behind The Headlines