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Archive | October, 2020

Episode #128 – Pandemic Costumes and breathable Bacon

Episode #128 starts with Louie painting his bathroom and Matt not offering kids booze, but instead teaching them how to do graffiti! This week they chat about the Corona Virus masks for sale on Amazon and the bacon scented face masks!

You can enter to get a breathable bacon facemask at:

Odd News Stories – Amazon removes ‘distasteful’ coronavirus Halloween masks from sale – Breathable bacon! Hormel launches exclusive bacon-scented face mask giveaway


Episode #127 – Fake Bread and Vintage Sandwich Theft

Episode #127 – Starts with the guys going to a “COVID Safe” haunted house with teenagers, then Matt relives his favorite haunted house when he got to shoot zombies with paintballs in Georgia! Then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about Ireland’s Supreme Court declaring the Subway’s bread is not bread and the 60th anniversary of the time a guy stole Nixon’s sandwich!

Odd News Stories – SUBWAY BREAD ISN’T BREAD, IRISH COURT SAYS -Illinois man keeps sandwich Richard Nixon half-ate 60 years ago


Episode #126 – Spicy Nugs and Baby Shark Torture

Episode #126 starts with Louie getting hustled by the guy checking for mold in the walls, and Matt getting into facebook fights. If that’s not enough excitement, this week they talk about the guy who is trying to get “boneless wings” renamed and the prison guards who forced kids to listen to Baby Shark.

Here’s the guy taking part in civics!

Odd News Stories – One man’s plea to his city council: Rename boneless chicken wings – Ex-jail employees charged for playing ‘Baby Shark’ on repeat in Okla.


Episode #125 – Licorice Death and Carrot Art

Episode #125 begins with Matt learning to babysit a teenager, and teaching an adult how to hang out at a park. This week’s strange news is about the guy who died from eating too much licorice and the 32 of carrots that someone calls art!

Odd News Stories – A man died after eating a bag of black licorice every day – 32 tons of carrots dumped on London street for art installation