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Archive | November, 2020

Episode #132 – Tattooed Teacher and Reselling Condoms

Episode #132 begins with Matt and Louie trying to decide if a guy Louie had a video call with was very creepy or just Dutch. Then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the teacher who got fired for having tattoos and the small business that got busted for reselling condoms!

Odd News Stories – A man covered his face with tattoos and turned his eyes black. He says it cost him his kindergarten teaching job – Police seize 345,000 used condoms that were cleaned and sold as new


Episode 131 – COVID Erotica and Pregnant Runnings

Episode # 131 begins with us learning about Matt’s side hustle as a beatnik poet! Then they get into the strange news. The guys dip their toes into some COVID erotica and learn about the pregnant lady that can run faster than Matt and Louie combined!

Odd News Stories – Bizarre COVID-19 erotica novel goes viral – WATCH: Woman runs mile in under 6 minutes while 9 months pregnant


Episode #130 – Copy Cat and Dynamite Whale

Episode #130 starts with Louie trying to figure out why Matt has an American Girl doll collection, and what he should do with it. Then they get into the strange news stories. This week they talk about the best way to clone your cat and how to properly memorialize the whale that you blew up!

You can watch historical video of the whale blowing up here:

Odd News Stories – Iowa Woman Has Her ‘Wonderful’ Cat Cloned After His Death – ‘Exploding Whale Memorial Park’ honors whale that went out with a bang


Episode #129 – Offensive Parrots and Underpants Cash

Episode #129 begins with a deep dive into their favorite types of cookie. Then they talk about how gross people are at doctor’s offices are. Finally the get into the strange news! This week they chat about the parrots that heckle humans and the guy that hid his bribe money in his underwear!

Odd News Stories – Five parrots removed from wildlife park for constantly swearing at visitors – Bolsonaro Ally Resigns After Covid Cash Found in Underpants


Election Day Distractions!

Got STRESS about the election?

The Odd and Offbeat Podcast has got your back. Every hour from 10am to 7pm pacific we’ll be posting fun and informative videos to our Facebook Page help you get through election day.

Need help getting to sleep? We’ve got an interview this a sleep specialist!

Want a cocktail? We’ve got three mixology lessons, one for whatever political party you belong to!

Want to cheat and see the future to who actually wins? We talked to a psychic!

Worried about your ballot getting counted? We talked to a mailman

All that and much much more!