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Archive | January, 2021

Episode #141 – Carjacking Not Kidnapping and the Limping Dog

Episode #141 starts with Matt insulting Louie’s wife’s rat, then Matt tells us about his experiences cosplaying as a handyman. They finally get into the strange news. This week they talk about the carjacker that has morals and the dog that’s got a sympathy limp after his owner broke his leg.

Here’s the dog limping with his owner:

Odd News Stories – Thief threatens to call police on mom who left child in the back seat of the car he stole – Man Spends Over $400 Treating Limping Dog, Only to Learn It Was Only Imitating Him


Episode #140 – Wing Walk and the Wienermobile!

Episode #140 starts with Matt and Louie discussing having COVID test reveal parties, then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the lady that got too hot on an airplane, so she took a stroll on the wing and how you can dive the Wienermobile!

Click here to apply to drive the Wienermobile!

Odd News Stories – Woman Walks Out On Aeroplane Wing After Complaining She Was ‘Too Hot’ – New Wienermobile drivers needed for 2020


Episode # 139 – Wolfdog and Twifi

Episode #139 begins with Louie doing more construction and Matt learning that kids can’t hold their poop. Then they about the strange news. This week you’ll learn about the “wolf dog” that ate a kids arm and naming your kid Twifi to get free internet!

Odd News Stories – 2-year-old child loses arm after reaching into wolf-dog’s cage at grandma’s animal rehab facility

MyJoyOnline – Parents name daughter after internet provider to get free Wi-fi for 18 years


Episode #138 – Arm Junk

Episode #138 is the first episode with guys doing the podcast from separate locations. Matt is at his farm in Oregon and Louie is in quarantine after a gig. You’ll hear about Louie’s price for exposing himself to COVID and Matt Rescuing a child! If that’s not enough, this week they talk about he guy that’s growing a penis on his arm!

Odd News Stories – Dad who lost his penis to horrific blood infection becomes first man in the world to have a new one built on his arm