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Archive | November, 2022

Episode #236 Dead Mans Paycheck and Flying Sausage

Episode #236 has the Matt and Louie revisiting a episode from the past! They get into the strange news, this week they talk about the dead man who tried to collect a paycheck and attaching a sausage to a drone to catch a dog!

Odd News Stories

Washington Examiner – Irish police investigate claim dead man taken to post office – Dog rescued from mudflats using sausages dangled from drones


Episode #235 Mystery Foot and the Chain Smoking Marathon!

Episode #235 begins with Matt learning about Louie’s trip to New Zealand and Australia, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the foot found in a pool at Yellowstone and the guy that ran a marathon while chain smoking!
Here’s the guy smoking and running a marathon!

Odd News Stories – Yellowstone National Park identifies person whose foot was found in hot spring – Chinese man runs a 3:28 marathon while chain-smoking


Episode #234 – Vegan Mice and Self Abduction

Episode #234 begins with Matt and Louie’s reviews of all of the IHOP restaurants in the world and then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the Vegan who wouldn’t exterminate mice and the lady who kidnapped herself!

Odd News Stories – Vegan who failed to deal with mouse infestation and fed them instead is fined by court – Sherri Papini, who faked her own kidnapping, should get 8 months in prison, prosecutors say


Episode #233 – Beer Fireman and the Life Cycle of Street Corn

Episode #233 begins with Louie telling Matt that Nolan Ryan used to punch a barrel full of rice and Matt disagreeing that he did that. Then they revisit some strange news, this week they replay the stories

Odd News Stories – Man uses Bud Lite to keep wildfire flames away from California home

Huffington Post – Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Mourns Brief Life Of Urban Cornstalk

ArgusLeader – The kernel of hope: Sioux Falls mourns loss of 57th Street corn


Episode #232 – Doing Nothing and the Bee Eviction

Episode #232 begins with Matt learning that a baby’s first poo can get you high, and then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about they guy who gets paid to “do nothing” and the lady who unleashed a swarm of bees at her eviction!

Odd News Stories – Dream job: the Japanese man who gets paid to do nothing – Woman charged with sending bee swarm on deputies at eviction