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Archive | March, 2023

Episode #253 – Redneck Roast and Goose Dating

Episode #253 has Matt reminding Louie of all the projects that Louie works on, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the lady that roasts her dad in his obituary and trying to find a good a date!

Here’s the obituary:

Odd News Stories – Georgia woman roasts ‘redneck’ dad in brutally honest, hilarious obituary

GoodNewsNetwork – Cemetery Posts Personal Ad for Lonely Goose Whose Mate Died–and they Find a Match


Episode #252 – Lawsuit Nugs and the Remote Kissing Device

Episode #252 has Louie getting a tan and Matt introducing baby Elvis to the grassy knoll, then they get into weird news. This week they talk about the man suing over boneless wings and the long distance kissing machine!

Odd News Stories – Man suing Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant chain after claiming ‘boneless wings’ are actually just chicken nuggets – Remote kissing device is here for long-distance couples: How Internet is reacting to Chinese innovation


Episode # 251 – Octogenarian Forgery and Offensive Tofu Plates

Episode #251 begins with Matt learning about the Oscar’s and it’s dress code, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the 82 year old who forged Michael Jordan cards and Maine drivers fighting for their right to have Tofu written on their car license plates!

Odd News Stories – 82-year-old charged with sale of fake Michael Jordan cards – Maine motorists appeal to keep naughty vanity license plates


Episode #250 – Science Fire and the Escobar Phone

Episode #250 This week Matt and Louie get caught up with Louie’s New Orleans trip and Matt gives up an Elvis update. Then they revisit some strange news. This week they talk about the parents that were shocked that their 12 year old set the lawn on fire with a magnifying glass and the foldable smart phone invented by Pablo Escobar’s brother!

Odd News Stories – 12-year-old Texas boy sets yard on fire with Christmas gift, family says – Pablo Escobar’s brother released a foldable smartphone that he claims can only be destroyed by fire