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Archive | August, 2023

Episode #275 T Rex Races and the Ice Man

Episode #275 begins with Matt and Louie getting caught up with where they are in the world and hotel password hacks, then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the T Rex races and the frozen Ice man’s history!

Odd News Stories – ‘T. rexes’ race to photo finish at Washington state track – DNA from Oetzi the Iceman traces his roots to present day Turkey


Episode # 274 Robo Murder and Fishy Rain

Episode #274 begins with Louie hanging out in Rexburg, ID and Matt making fun of his decision to stay in that town, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the Amazon Alexa that tried to get a kid to kill themself, and the town where it rained fish!

Odd News Stories – Alexa Attempts To Set Off Robot Revolt By Telling Kid To Touch Live Plug With Penny – Texas Town Experiences Strange Phenomenon of Fish Raining From the Sky


Episode #273 – All About Bears

Episode #273 has Louie hanging out in Mormon town of Rexburg Idaho and Matt making fun of him because he didn’t know it was a dry town! This week’s strange news is all about bears! They talk about the Sun Bear that may be a person in a costume and the escaped bear that delayed a flight!

Odd News Stories – Sun bears are real, not humans in disguise says Hangzhou Zoo – Delayed passengers growl after a bear escapes from crate in cargo hold of an Iraqi plane in Dubai


Episode #272 – Shooting Review and Wizzing in Paris

Episode #272   This week the guys revisit a chat about a house that got shot up after someone left a bad yelp review and new public urinals in Paris!

Odd News Stories “Orlando man accused of shooting up home after woman leaves negative restaurant review” “Paris residents peeved at very public eco-friendly urinals”


Episode #271 Giant Kidney Stone and Bus Route to Hell

Episode #271 has Matt at an airport and Louie in his car at a walmart parking lot. They chat about airport foot massages and getting murdered by a cult, then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the world’s largest kidney stone making it’s world debut and the bus route to hel!

Odd News Stories – Doctors remove “world’s largest kidney stone” from retired soldier in Sri Lanka – Poland’s Bus Route 666 Will No Longer Take You to Hel Due to Religious Outrage