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Archive | December, 2023

Episode #283 Green Lighting the Deuce and Alien Invasion For the Holidays

Episode #283 has Matt and Louie writing a Hallmark Christmas movie and then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the mayor of a town in New Zealand that’s giving the residents the OK to poop and the alien invasion that was really just Christmas lights!

Odd News Stories – New Zealand mayor clarifies there’s no need to ‘stop pooing’ amid town’s sewerage stench crisis – Texas family’s home light show mistaken for aliens, draws out crowd


Episode #282 Voting For Yourself and Finger Salad

Episode #282 has Matt checking in on Louie’s COVID status and they talk about Salt Lake City and visiting Chubby Checker, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the guy who lost an election because he didn’t vote for himself and the salad that’s served with the restaurant manager’s finger!

Odd News Stories – Thurston County candidate who didn’t vote for himself loses by 1 vote – Customer sues Chopt eatery chain over salad that she says contained a piece of manager’s finger