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Episode #129 – Offensive Parrots and Underpants Cash

Episode #129 begins with a deep dive into their favorite types of cookie. Then they talk about how gross people are at doctor’s offices are. Finally the get into the strange news! This week they chat about the parrots that heckle humans and the guy that hid his bribe money in his underwear!

Odd News Stories – Five parrots removed from wildlife park for constantly swearing at visitors – Bolsonaro Ally Resigns After Covid Cash Found in Underpants


Episode #58 – Twin Paternity and Cheese Rolling

Episode #58 begins with Matt and Louie chatting about the etiquette of a therapeutic massage, then they get into some weird news. The first story is about the twins that a both the parents of the same child. Next they cover the nail biting results of the world cheese rolling competition!

You can watch the cheese rolling here:

Odd News Stories

The Guardian – Brazil: judge rules identical twins must both pay support for nine-year-old girl – Cheese rolling race crowns new champion