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Episode #227 Baseball Dentures and the Amarillo Chupacbre

Episode #227 is the second episode with Louie and Matt hanging out at SeaTac airport! This week they talk about the Chupacabra hanging out the zoo and Ty Cobb’s dentures!

Do you think this is a real chupacabre?

Here’s Ty Cobb’s Dentures!

Odd News Stories – Texas city shares photo of unidentified ‘object’ outside zoo – Ty Cobb’s dentures up for auction online


Episode # 194 Catching Chupacabra and Curing Cannibalism

Episode #194 has the guys in the same country and in the same room! They get caught up on Matt’s beard and Louie’s fancy shirt! Then they get into the strange news, this week they talk about the lady that rescued a Chupacabra and the guy who tried to cure his cannibal tendencies by eating people!

Odd News Stories – ‘Mystery animal’ escapes from Pennsylvania wildlife rescue – Idaho murder suspect charged with cannibalism; believed eating victim could ‘cure his brain,’ authorities say