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Episode #151 – Expensive Coffee and Tweet Sale

Episode #151 has Louie, Matt and Erika visiting a farm to do some research on how a farm works, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the $5,700 cup of coffee and selling the first tweet!

Odd New Stories – Woman charged $5,700 for cup of coffee, struggles to get refund – Jack Dorsey’s first ever tweet sells for $2.9m


Episode #62 – Coffee Beer and Beijing Bikinis

Episode #62 of The Odd and Offbeat Podcast begins with Matt giving an amazing example of why he shouldn’t be a parent. Then they get into the odd news stories. The first story combines two of the guys favorite beverages, coffee and beer into one amazing can! The second story is china cracking down on men wearing “Beijing Bikinis”!

Plus we get out weekly visit from Life Coach Randy!

Odd News Stories

Click Orlando – Like your coffee spiked? Pabst Blue Ribbon has the can for you – Chinese city to clamp down on ‘Beijing bikinis’ in hot weather