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Episode #213 Napping Bus Driver and Out of Shape Murderer

Episode #213 begins with Matt getting in a fight at a drug store in Canada, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the bus driver who loves edibles and why you should always up your cardio game before you murder someone!

Odd News Stories – Bus driver who was on CT’s I-95: He didn’t know his gummy snacks included THC – Deputies: South Carolina man died of heart attack while burying body


Episode #72 – Drone Bombs and Biting a Camel in the Testicles

Episode #72 begins with Matt telling Louie how shady his daughter’s school is after Louie reveals there have been 3 murders at the school. Then they get into the odd news. This week they talk about the man who used a drone to drop bombs on an ex’s house and a woman biting a camel in the testicles!

Odd News Stories – Man allegedly used drone to pelt ex-girlfriend’s home with bombs – Woman bites camel’s testicles in bizarre truck stop showdown