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Episode #24 – Mummy Juice and Sleeping In A Coffin

Episode #24 is a special Halloween episode. The guys start by chatting about their favorite Halloween memories and a bonus story about a guy who got stabbed in a haunted house!  Then they get to the stories about drinking mummy juice and living in a coffin for 30 hours!

Here’s what the mummy juice looks like:

Odd News Stories – “Man Stabbed at Haunted House by a Friend Who Was Handed a Real Knife by Someone Wearing a Costume” – “People want to drink the red liquid from newly-opened 4,000-year-old sarcophagus”

Saint Louis Post-Dispatch/ – “Coffin Challenge’ at Six Flags St. Louis gets 28,000-plus entries, goes national”


Episode #17 – Senior Citizens at a Metal Show and the Psychic Octopus

Episode #17 starts with a recap of Matt’s journey to New York, then we get into the strange news stories.  They guys talk about a couple of senior citizens who sneak out of the nursing home to go to a metal show. Also back by popular demand we have the Odd and Offbeat’s animal expert Karla Majewski of Pacific Animal Productions where she helps us learn more about octopuses (yes, that’s the correct plural of octopus) and why they might be psychic! Today’s episode is sponsored by Troubadour Botanicals.

Odd News Stories – “2 Nursing Home Escapees Attend Heavy Metal Concert Because, YOLO” – “Japan’s “Psychic” Octopus Was Butchered and Sold After Predicting Three World Cup Games”

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