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Episode 284 – iPhone Skydiving and Toe Alarm Clock

Episode 284 has Louie on land and Matt in the Ocean and they announce the release of their new book: C is for Conspiracy, the ABC’s of Conspiracy Theories! For this week’s strange news, they talk about the cellphone that survived a 16,000 feet fall and the guy who was woken up by the hotel manager sucking on his toes!

Odd News Stories – See the iPhone that survived getting sucked out of an Alaska Airlines plane and fell 16,000 feet – Hilton Hotel manager arrested for allegedly waking up guest by sucking on his toes


Episode #266 – Vintage Oily Pennies and New Oily Pennies!

Episode #266 has Matt and Louie talk about how their brief visit in Springfield Oregon, then they get into the strange news. This week they revisit the guy who paid his employee in oily pennies and then they have an update on that story!

Odd News Stories – Coinstar fixes Georgia man’s oily penny paycheck problem – Boss Who Paid Worker’s Final Salary in Oily Pennies Ordered to Give Ex-Staffers More than $39,000


Episode # 262 Ghost Pub and Fish Fraud

Episode #262 begins with Matt learning that Louie has been using Jorge Gonzales as an alias, then they get into the strange news. This week this talk about the haunted pub and the fish the committed credit card fraud!

Odd News Stories – Coniston Tavern landlord says ghost is knocking pints over – YouTuber’s Pet Fish Streams Pokemon, Then Commits Credit Card Fraud


Episode #261 Utah’s Crass Condoms and Drug Boars

Episode #261 has they Matt telling Louie that he as too much to do, so this week they’ll revisit some classic Odd and Offbeat stories. You get to revisit

Odd News Stories – Utah’s governor defends decision to pull ‘crass’ condoms from HIV campaign – Wild boar discover and snort £17,000 of cocaine in Tuscan forest


Episode #259 Dime Heist and the Dumpster Treasure

Episode #259 begins with the guys going to an “exploding whales” baseball game and then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the truck that got robbed of 3/4 of a million dollars in dimes and dumpster treasure hunting!

Odd News Stories – Truck carrying $750,000 in dimes robbed in Walmart parking lot, Pennsylvania cops say – Woman claims she makes up to $5,000 a month from dumpster-diving, calls it a ‘real-life treasure hunt’


Episode #258 – Spiral Lights and Freeway Cash

Episode #258 begins with Matt and Louie staying 6 minutes away from each other and Matt learns about Louie’s trip to Canada to a speakeasy, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the spiral in the northern lights and the guy that dumped cash on the freeway!

Odd News Stories – Rocket science: Alaska sky spiral caused by SpaceX fuel dump – Man throws $200K in cash out window onto Oregon freeway after draining family’s shared bank account


Episode #256 – Ghost Insurance and the Mammoth Meatball

Episode #256 begins with Louie and Matt’s anti aging tips, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the potential ghost car insurance claim, and the meatball made out of a mammoth!

Odd News Stories – Texas Man Blames ‘Mischievous Child Ghost’ for Pushing a Shopping Cart into His Mustang – I Can’t Shut Up About the Woolly Mammoth Meatball


Episode #248 – Exorcism ToGo and Cat Plaintiff

Episode #248 begins with Matt cataloging the baseball cards that his daughter will inherit upon his death, then they get into the strange news. This week they revisit a couple of vintage Odd and Offbeat stories and talk about how a cat sued a corporation for $700K and exorcism’s on a train.

Odd News Stories

NBC News – “Grumpy Cat’ wins $700,000 in federal case over identity” – “Man ‘performs exorcism’ on train as ‘possessed’ woman screams ‘devil’ in front of commuters”


Episode #234 – Vegan Mice and Self Abduction

Episode #234 begins with Matt and Louie’s reviews of all of the IHOP restaurants in the world and then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the Vegan who wouldn’t exterminate mice and the lady who kidnapped herself!

Odd News Stories – Vegan who failed to deal with mouse infestation and fed them instead is fined by court – Sherri Papini, who faked her own kidnapping, should get 8 months in prison, prosecutors say


Episode #230 – Pan Solo and Feline Nick Cage

Episode #230 has Matt asking why Louie travels soo much and they chat about the 5 cats at Louie’s house, then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the Han Solo made of bread and art inspired by Nicholas Cage’s cat!

Odd News Stories – Loaf-Saber: California Baker Crafts Life-Sized Han Solo Out Of Bread – Tribute to Nicolas Cage and His Beloved Cat Merlin to Debut Exclusively at CatCon 2022


Episode #228 – Candy Corn Bratwurst and the Nose Bite

Episode #228 starts with Matt and Louie exploring deep space, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about candy corn infused bratwurst and the beyond meat CEO being a cannibal!

Strange News Stories – Candy corn bratwurst are being made in Wisconsin — and selling out – Beyond Meat suspends executive accused of biting another man’s nose


Episode #225 – The Undertaker Contest and Horse Punches

Episode # begins with Matt’s dad hoarding plastic baseball helmets, then the guys get into some vintage strange news. This week they revisit episode #165 with the grave digging competition and punching a horse!

Odd News Stories – Hungarian gravediggers face off in high-speed contest – Maniac punches carriage horse, attacks two others in Central Park: driver


Episode #224 Strange Music and Mullet Champion

Episode #224 has Matt getting all the details about Louie’s stay in a giant potato, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about about International Strange Music Day and the Mullet Championships!

Here’s the Mullet winner!

Odd News Stories – International Strange Music Day promotes expanding musical horizons – Who has the best kid mullet in America? Meet 8-year-old Emmitt Bailey.


Episode #217 – Waffle Robbery and the Orange Lobster

Episode #217 starts with Matt debriefing Louie about his recent TV appearance, then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the family dinner at the Waffle House that turn into a robbery and they orange lobster who tried to sneak into the Red Lobster!

Odd News Stories – Police: Family of 6 sits down at North Carolina Waffle House, then 3 rob it – Rare One-in-30-Million Orange Lobster Rescued by Red Lobster


Episode #216 – HOV Baby and Space Hamster

Episode #216 begins with Matt not carrying his carry on luggage onto a plane and Louie’s family fostering a kitten, then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the baby that got a tick for being in the HOV lane and the hamster that went to space!

Here’s the space hamster

space hamster

And here’s Louie’s kitten:


Odd News Stories – Pregnant Woman Contests HOV Ticket by Saying Fetus Is Passenger After Roe v. Wade Decision

Sky News – A giant step for hamkind: Hamster survives daring trip into the stratosphere on a flying balloon


Episode #215 – Time Travel Sexting and NASA’s Moon Roaches

Episode #215 begins with Matt’s shocking discovery that mosquito hawks don’t actually eat mosquitos! Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the woman who stabbed her husband over a vintage picture of her on his phone and the fate of the cockroaches that than NASA fed moon dust to!

Odd News Stories – Wife stabs husband over explicit photos with ‘another woman’, discovers images were of her younger self – NASA: Give us back our moon dust and cockroaches


Episode #213 Napping Bus Driver and Out of Shape Murderer

Episode #213 begins with Matt getting in a fight at a drug store in Canada, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the bus driver who loves edibles and why you should always up your cardio game before you murder someone!

Odd News Stories – Bus driver who was on CT’s I-95: He didn’t know his gummy snacks included THC – Deputies: South Carolina man died of heart attack while burying body


Episode #142 – Real Fake Chatbots and Hiding From COVID

Episode #142 has the guys reunited in person! This episode had Louie spying on Matt’s neighbors in the Queen Anne neighborhood and the sandwich that changed Matt’s life! If that’s not enough, this week they talk about creating a chatbot out of your dead loved one’s corpse and how to hide from COVID!

Odd News Stories – Microsoft Granted Patent to Reanimate Dead People as 3D ‘Chatbots’ – Man Allegedly Hid From Coronavirus And Authorities In Chicago Airport For 3 Months


Episode #63 – Heavy Metal Knitting and Shame Bags

Episode #63 begins with Louie telling Matt about the most awesome librarian ever! Then they get into the strange news stories. This week they talk about the most awesome story ever on the podcast, The Heavy Metal Knitting Championship (see video below)!
If that wasn’t enough they also riff on the shop that is using plastic bags to shame customers who use plastic bags!

Plus we get a visit from America’s favorite lifecoach, Life Coach Randy!

Here’s the Heavy Metal Knitting Championship:


The Irish Times – Shop gives customers embarrassing plastic bags in bid to change behaviour


Episode #58 – Twin Paternity and Cheese Rolling

Episode #58 begins with Matt and Louie chatting about the etiquette of a therapeutic massage, then they get into some weird news. The first story is about the twins that a both the parents of the same child. Next they cover the nail biting results of the world cheese rolling competition!

You can watch the cheese rolling here:

Odd News Stories

The Guardian – Brazil: judge rules identical twins must both pay support for nine-year-old girl – Cheese rolling race crowns new champion


Episode #57 – Likes Wanted and Free Viagra!

Episode #57 begins with Matt and Louie trying to decide if Louie’s is an A-hole and Matt wine tasting with a sheep dog. This week they riff about the fugitive who for a mere 15,000 likes on his wanted poster would turn himself in and the french town that’s offering free Viagra to residents!

Plus we get our weekly visit from Life Coach Randy!

Odd News Stories – Fugitive Refuses To Surrender Unless 15,000 People ‘Like’ His Wanted Photo – Mayor Offers Free Viagra to Couples Who Move to his French Village in Hopes of Boosting Population


Episode #56 – Human Compost and Naked Art

Episode #56 starts with the guys talking about seeing Jurassic Park at the symphony and Matt’s “coffee name”. Then they get into the strange news stories. This week they talk about people turning people into dirt and getting naked to check out an art gallery!

Plus we get another visit from our favorite lifecoach Randy!

Odd News Stories – Washington could add ‘human composting’ option to burial, cremation

Vaping Underground – Unclothed man displays more than art in Moscow gallery stroll


Episode #49 – Cats in Pants and the Entrance to Hell

Episode #49 begins with Matt and Louie talking about trading fireworks to kids in Mexico, then they get into the strange news. In this episode they start with the man who smuggled cats into Singapore by shoving them down his pants! The second story is about finding the entrance to hell in England!

Here’s a peek at the markings found at the entrance to hell:

Entrance to hell

Odd News Stories

USA Today – Man caught trying to smuggle 4 kittens at Malaysia-Singapore border by hiding them in his pants

Sky News – Hundreds of ‘witches’ marks’ – including entrance to ‘hell’ – found in caves at Creswell Crags


Episode #26 – Coin Flip for Jail and the Face Fart

Episode #26 begins with the guys talking about olde tyme photos and vintage prisons then they get into the weird news.  This weeks stories are about the police that flip a coin to see if someone goes to jail, then they talk about farts leaking out of your mouth.  To dig a little bit into the face fart situation, they call Dr. Jody to get her opinion on farts.

Odd News Stories

Reuters – “Georgia police use coin toss to decide whether to arrest woman” – “Farts can leak out through your mouth if you hold them in, expert says”


Episode #15 – Doll Face Transplant and the Military Dinosaur

Episode #15 starts with the guys talking about how annoying tourists are, then they get into the news stories.  The first story is about the little kid that gives face transplants (to dolls), then they get into the dinosaur that’s reenlisting in the military.

As a free bonus to this free podcast Louie and Matt introduce a new segment called, “Strange Stories” where you learn a quick odd fact  which will help you up your Trivial Pursuit game!

Here’s the pic of the face transplant!

Doll face transplant

Odd News Stories

Mashable – “Future doctor gets head start on career by doing doll face transplants” – “Airmen in ‘Dino Puppet’ Re-Enlistment Video Fired, Reprimanded”

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Episode #5 – 65,000 Texts and One Wrong Text

Episode #5 Matt and Louie talk about two stories involving texting gone bad. One has 65,000 texts delivered correctly and the other story is one text that took a wrong turn!

Odd News Stories

The Huffington Post – “Woman Who Sent 65,000 Texts To First Date Says ‘Love Is An Excessive Thing’'”

Mirror – “Angry ‘pregnant’ woman texts ‘father of baby’ – things go spectacularly wrong”

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Episode #4 – Horton See’s a Poo and the Locked iPhone

Episode #4 Matt and Louie relate their real life experiences to the lady who pooped at the Tim Hortons and decide what’s worse being locked out of your iPhone for 47 years, or doing a factory reset.  The guys also chat about their trips to California!

Odd News Stories

The – “Woman Furiously Sh!ts On Floor Of Tim Hortons, Throws It At Employee'”

Popular Mechanics – “Mother Claims Child Locked Her Out Of Her iPhone For 47 Years”

Here’s The Tim Horton’s Pooping Video!

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