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Comedians Matt Baker and Louie Foxx team up to bring to you some of the most unusual and bizarre news stories in the world today. Sit down, strap in, and prepare to get weird (in a awesome way).

Matt Baker is a comedian, writer, odd skill specialist from Seattle, Washington. His comedy and weird talents have been seen on Comedy Central, ESPN, Fox Sports, TV Asahi in Japan, CCTV in China and Last Comic Standing. He has broken five Guinness World Records, but the thing he is most proud of is that he has high score on the Galaga game at the ice cream store by his house.

He performs his show all over the country at colleges, corporate events, and cruise ships. In addition to telling jokes and performing tricks (admittedly not the best choice of words), he also owns and curates a mobile curiosity museum called the Museum of Curious Things. This museum is housed in a 1971 Airstream trailer, and appears at events all over the Northwest United States.

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Louie Foxx is an award-wining magician, whip maker, published author, and YouTube star. The Society of American Magicians voted Louie “The Best Stage Magician” and “Best Close-Up Magician in Minnesota” in 1996 (not sure this is something worth bragging about, but it’s true). Something worth bragging about is that Louie is a Two-Time Guinness World Record Holder.

He has also appeared on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, the nationally syndicated television show How ‘Bout That, Evening Magazine, Otra Movida TV in Spain, and in London’s newspaper The Guardian! He’s an international sensation, weirdo and a rockstar dad. The reason he had a kid was to have a valid excuse to go to the zoo once a week and not be deemed “creepy”. Also, so that he could build forts out of the sofa cushions without his wife calling him “immature”.

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