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Archive | November, 2019

Episode #80 – Fake Doctor’s Notes and the Solid Gold Toilet Heist!

Episode #80 begins with the guys talking about Louie going to a pho restaurant that prays over your soup, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about selling fake doctor’s notes to high school kids and the solid gold toilet heist!

Here’s the solid gold toilet to keep an eye out for:

Pic from

Odd News Stories – Sheriff: Louisiana woman sold medical excuse notes to students – Maurizio Cattelan’s solid gold toilet was stolen from a British palace.


Episode #79 – Pastafarian Prayer and the Two Faced Kitten

Episode #79 begins with Matt talking about doing business with pregnant ladies and Louie’s stalkers. Then they get into the strange news stories. This week they talk about the Pastafarian prayer and Louie’s two stalkers!

Here’s the cat with two faces doing things that a cat with two faces does:

Odd News Stories

NY Post – Pastafarian pastor wears colander, leads prayer at government meeting – 2-Headed Cat Twice As Lucky To Be Adopted By Vet


Episode #78 – The Punk Rock Motivational Speaker

Episode #78 has the guys welcome Greg Bennick into the studio! Greg is the lead signer of the punk rock band Trial, a motivational speaker, author and much more! Greg talks about doing spoken work in Serbia, juggling at corporate gigs, and teaches us about the straight edge punk scene.

Visit Greg online at:


Episode #77 – Eating a Ring and TV Head Addendum

Episode #77 – Begins with Louie’s story about they lady at the airport who didn’t believe her metal hip would set off the metal detector. Then they get into this weeks stories. The guys talk about the lady who had a dream she ate her wedding ring, and really did. They also do follow up on the TV Head Story from a previous Odd and Offbeat episode.

Odd News Stories

KTLA – San Diego Woman Dreams She Swallowed Her Engagement Ring, Wakes up to Discover She Actually Did – Police believe they know the identity of the masked man leaving vintage TVs on doorsteps