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Archive | July, 2023

Episode #270 Cat Smuggling and the Doorway to Hell

Episode #270 has us revisiting some vintage Odd and Offbeat News!. In this episode they start with the man who smuggled cats into Singapore by shoving them down his pants! The second story is about finding the entrance to hell in England!

Here’s a peek at the markings found at the entrance to hell:

Entrance to hell

Odd News Stories

USA Today – Man caught trying to smuggle 4 kittens at Malaysia-Singapore border by hiding them in his pants

Sky News – Hundreds of ‘witches’ marks’ – including entrance to ‘hell’ – found in caves at Creswell Crags


Episode #269 Coaster Captives and Tons of Cheese

Episode #269 has Louie and Matt recording together in a meeting room in Albany Oregon! This week they talk about he people that got stuck on a roller coaster for more than 3 hours and the burger that’s made with 20 slices of cheese!

Odd News Stories – Roller coaster riders stuck upside down for hours at Wisconsin festival – Burger King Dishing Out 20-Slice Tall, All-Cheese ‘Burger’ In Thailand


Episode#268 Pasture Jazz and Peace Donuts

Episode #268 begins with Matt and Louie talking about a recent Seattle Fishsticks baseball game they attended and all of the antics that went on, then they revisit some odd news. This week they revisit the guy who plays jazz to cows and the burglar who brought the cops donuts!

Odd News Stories – Watch This Dad Serenade a Herd of Cows With His Saxophone Skills – Burglar arrested who brought deputies doughnuts as ‘peace offering’


Episode #267 Bear Punches and the Turtle Escape

Episode #167 begins with Matt giving a lesson on how to say, “superfluous”, then they get into the strange news. They talk about the lady who punched an bear and the turtle that was caught two years after escaping Shawshank (aka someone’s yard).

Odd News Stories – Maine woman punches bear that chased her dog and ends up with stitches -Family stunned after its missing pet tortoise turns up 2 years after disappearance — a few miles from home