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Archive | March, 2021

Episode #150 – All Things 150!!

Episode 150 is a celebration of the Matt and Louie making it to 150 episodes! This episode was recorded at their beachfront hotel room in Lincoln City, OR and they explore thing to do for $150 or less!

Odd News Stories – 150 Things To Do For $150 Or Less


Episode #149 – Penny Revenge and Moonlighting Door Dash

Episode #149 starts with Matt scolding Louie for his lack of work ethic on working on his farm and Louie having to prove he’s himself to the US Government! Then they get into the strange news. This week they tackles the guy that got paid in 500 pounds of pennies and the prosecutor’s side hustle working for Door Dash!

Odd News Stories – Mound of pennies dumped in man’s driveway; he blames feud over final paycheck – Bucks Co. Prosecutor Demoted for DoorDash Food Delivery Job During Work Hours


Episode #148 – Sausage DNA and Geriatric Ken

Episode #148 begins with Louie revealing why he’s in “beer time out” and Virginia not allowing Matt in, then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about he sausage that led to a burglar’s arrest and Ken (Barbie’s other half) getting his AARP Card!

Odd News Stories – Banger clanger: Half-eaten sausage helps police solve cold case – Barbie’s Friend Ken Turns 60 Years Old


Episode #147 Seagull Got Your Tongue and Wild Sheep

Episode #147 begins with Louie trying to decide if it’s ethical for him to get the COVID vaccine and Matt going to the cheapest doctor he can find. Then they get into the strange news. This week they riff about the seagull that stole a guys tongue and the sheep with 78 pounds of wool!

Odd News Stories – Woman bites off man’s tongue during street brawl, seagull swoops down and eats it – Wild Australian Sheep Gets Sheared Of 78 Pounds Of Wool


Episode #146 – Crocheting Cocaine and the Civil War Chicken

Episode #146 begins with Matt rubbing holy dirt on his “limbs and loins” and getting back into the swing of things by being annoyed by people at the airport. Then they get strange news. This week they tickle your ears and your gums with the story of the cocaine hidden in a crochet kit at a thrift show and the civil war reenacting chicken!

Odd News Stories – Seattle woman finds 1 kilo of cocaine in crochet kit she bought at thrift shop, police say – Teen’s Civil War-reenacting pet chicken found in Alabama