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Archive | December, 2020

Episode #137 Wall Whiskey and Cave Bears

Episode #137 begins with Louie’s wife emailing the wrong Louie Foxx and the challenges associated with having a fake name. Then they get into the strange news. This week they crack open a bottle of whiskey and chat about the couple that found prohibition whiskey inside their wall and the cave bear discovered by a reindeer herder!

Here’s the cave bear!!!!

cave bear

Odd News Stories – Couple finds more than 66 bottles of Prohibition-era whiskey hidden in the walls of their New York home – Perfectly preserved Ice Age cave bear found in Arctic Russia


Episode #136 – Polish Gym and The Real Deer Hunter

Episode #136 begins with the guys continuing the story about a client thinking Matt’s show was offensive, and Louie being appalled by that. They talk about the gym in Poland that’s now a church and in the 2020 version of the Czech Republic where the deer hunt the humans…with guns!

Odd News Stories – Gym Declares Itself a Shop and a Church to Prevent Closing Down Because of Covid-19 – Deer snatches hunter’s rifle, prompting search for weapon


Episode #135 Peeing Pastor and Sushi Strippers

Episode #135 is the final episode from the White Center location of the Odd and Offbeat studios! This epic episode begins with Louie talking about car wrecks outside his condo and Matt dealing with corporate censorship. Then they get into the odd news which is 100% censorship free! This week they talk about the pastor that pee’d on someone on a flight and Delivery Macho (see video below) which is the only way to get sushi!

Here’s a peek at the sushi delivery:

Odd New Stories – Police ID pastor accused of urinating on female Delta passenger: ‘He peed on me!’ – Japan sushi chef using bodybuilder delivery to buoy COVID-19 hit business


Episode #134 – Maki the Hide and Seek Lemur!

Episode #134 begins with Louie crushing his daughter’s school’s dreams of getting new football uniforms and Matt becoming a “lord”! Then they get into this week’s story. They cover the missing lemur and then they cover the finding of the lemur!

missing lemur

Odd News Stories! – San Francisco Zoo offers $2,100 reward for missing lemur – Maki, lemur stolen from San Francisco Zoo, found safe in nearby city


Episode #133 – Cat Chat and Gold Poo

Episode #133 begins with a final update on Louie’s bathroom construction and Matt travelling to South Dakota, which we learn is native for “land without masks“. When they get into the strange news, this week they explore an app that will allow you to talk to your cat and a great way to win a silly walk contest, but a horrible way to smuggle gold.

Here’s the low down with the cat chat app:

Here’s the gold that was in the guys butt:

Odd News Stories – Former Amazon engineer creates app that reportedly translates your cat’s meows – Airport Staff Notices Man ‘Walking Strangely’ — Then Finds Over 2 Pounds Of Gold In His Rectum