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Archive | March, 2022

Episode #201 – Japanese Killing Stone and the Cat in the Tree

Episode #201 begins with Matt and Louie recalling their own personal Will Smith / Chris Rock moments, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the Japanese Killing Stone that houses a 9 tailed lady and the cat that watched a kid get rescued from a tree!

Here’s the Japanese Killing Stone broken open:

And here’s the kid being rescued from the tree while the cat looks on:

Odd News Stories – Ancient Japanese ‘killing stone’ said to contain an evil nine-tailed fox spirit has split open – Indiana boy rescued after getting stuck in tree rescuing cat


Episode #199 – Corporate Religious Art and Chronic Lost Hiker

Episode #199 begins with Louie and Matt recording at Steve’s house and getting caught up. This week they talk about the religious art that has a shout out to its corporate donor and the hiker that keeps getting lost on the same trail!

Can you spot the donor?

Odd News Stories – Religious artwork removed after local priest and businessman found among holy images – New York City man rescued twice in 2 days on Arizona hikes


Episode #198 – Fake Bomb Threat and Stolen Heads

Episode #198 begins with Matt trying to figure out what Cobra Kai is all about and Louie ruining the ending of the movie Coda. Then they get into the strange news. This week they riff about the guy who called in a bomb threat to the right town, but in the wrong country and the person who stole a box of human heads!

Odd News Stories – Man who mistakenly threatened to send a bomb to the Ottawa, Ohio Police Department amid protests by truck driver – Stolen box of human heads investigated by Denver police


Episode #197 – Ice Brothel and Unknown Dinner

Episode #197 is the finale in the saga of Louie movie, you’ll hear about all the donuts that the moving crew brought, which was the gift that kept on giving all week! Then they get into the strange news, this week they talk about the Ohio mayor who thinks ice shanties will turn into ice brothels and they newly discovered fish that’s delicious!

Here’s the fish:

Odd News Stories – ohio mayor concerned ice shanties could lead to prostitution – Australians Have Accidentally Been Eating A Fish Unknown To Science