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Archive | October, 2021

Episode #179 – Unemployed Wizard and Psychic Fraud

Episode #179 has things getting back to normal, with Matt and Louie complaining about people trying to get them to downgrade their airline seats. Then they get to the strange news. With week they chat about the wizard who got laid off of the city’s payroll and the man who is suing a psychic!

Odd News Stories – New Zealand City’s ‘Official Wizard’ Has Been Taken Off Its Payroll – California Man Sues Psychic Who Allegedly Promised to Lift Curse Placed by Ex-Girlfriend


Episode #178 Hamster Stockbroker and the Bear Pee Fire

Episode #178 – Begins with Matt talking about him losing use of his limbs, then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the Hamster that’s crushing it in the stock market and the wild fire that was started because someone wanted to sip the sweet nectar that is bear pee!

Here’s the hamster picking stocks!

Odd News Stories – A Crypto-Trading Hamster Performs Better Than Warren Buffett And The S&P 500 – Hiker allegedly tried boiling bear urine to drink before starting Fawn Fire


Episode #177 Finding Yourself and a Delicious World Record

Episode #177 begins with Louie commenting on Matt letting his hair grow out. Then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about Mutlu, who joined a search party looking for himself and the guy who ate his world record catfish before it could be verified!

Here’s Mutlu searching for himself:

Here’s the catfish before it was eaten:

Odd News Stories – Drunk Turkish Man Reported Missing Joins Search Party for Himself – Catfish eaten before being verified can’t qualify for record


Episode #176 – Bootleg Chicken and Ghost Fudge

Episode #176 begins with Matt talking about his Las Vegas Adventure to see Marc Ribillet. Then they get into this weeks spicy stories. The guys chat about smuggling KFC into New Zealand and the delicious fudge where the secret ingredient is ghosts!

Here’s Marc’s Flamingo video:

Odd News Stories – Two men arrested for alleged illegal smuggling of Kentucky Fried Chicken – US man’s gravestone missing for 150 years was being used to make fudge; recognised during auction sale