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Archive | May, 2022

Episode #210 – Josh Fight Redux and Creepy Doll Beach

Episode #210 begins with Louie’s tiny home and Matt’s trip to Alaska, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the second annual josh fight and the creepy baby dolls that are washing ashore in Texas!

Odd News Stories – Pool noodle fight over the name Josh again attracts hundreds – Creepy dolls washing ashore on Texas coast: ‘There’s a lot of nightmares out there’


Episode #209 – NATO Beer and Bald Harassment

Episode #209 has Matt reminiscing about Seattle’s legendary Lusty Lady and Louie telling about his trip to Las Vegas to sneak into a magic convention, then they get into the strange news. The week they talk about the NATO beer and the court that determined calling a guy “bald” is sexual harassment!

Odd News Stories – Finland Brewery Launches NATO-themed Beer With ‘Taste of Security’ – Calling a man ‘bald’ is sex-related harassment, employment tribunal rules


Episode #208 – President Jim Carey and Glue Girl

Episode #208 begins with Matt’s TED Talk about how the word “Mahalo” is used in Hawaii, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the conspiracy theory that Joe Biden has been replaced by Jim Carey and the tale of the mythical Glue Girl

Odd News Stories – Jim Carrey Responds To Bizarre MAGA Theory Claiming That He Is Joe Biden

Market – ‘Glue girl’ protests Timberwolves owner’s alleged animal rights abuses by trying to glue herself to the court at an NBA game


Episode #207 – Dieting Alligators and Reparation Cake

Episode #207 has hopefully the final tale in the saga of Louie selling his condo and we learn all about matt’s AirBnB in Hawaii. Then we get into the strange news. This week they chat about the alligator that loves diet coke and the cake that was stolen 77 years ago!

Odd News Stories – Alligator Breaks Into Florida Family’s Garage, Starts Chugging Diet Cokes – U.S. soldiers ‘return’ cake to Italian woman for 90th birthday


Episode #206 Naked Sushi and Ghost Fudge

Episode #206 has both Louie and Matt travelling with horrible internet service, so you get a couple of their favorite stories from the past! This week you’ll revisit the naked sushi delivery service and how to make ghost fudge!

Odd News Stories – Japan sushi chef using bodybuilder delivery to buoy COVID-19 hit business – US man’s gravestone missing for 150 years was being used to make fudge; recognised during auction sale