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Archive | January, 2019

Episode #37 – Faking Your Death and the World Record Tuna!

Episode #37 begins with the guys talking about the world’s largest colon, then they get into the news stories. They talk about an international plot to fake a mans death and the world’s most expensive tuna!

Odd News Stories – Court: Man put clothes, ID on stand-in corpse in $2M scheme – Tuna sells for record $3 million in auction at Tokyo’s new fish market


Episode #36 – The Emotional Support Squirrel and Divorcing a Ghost

Episode #36 opens with Louie and Matt chatting about their techniques to avoid interaction with people on airplanes, and Louie’s cat having explosive diarrhea, then they get into the news stories. This week they talk about the emotional support squirrel that got kicked off a plane, and they lady that divorced a ghost!

Odd News Stories – A woman brought her ‘emotional support’ squirrel on a plane. – Jack Sparrow Impersonator Claims To Have Divorced A 300-Year-Old Ghost Pirate


Episode #35 – Eric Haines and the Airport One Man Band

Episode #35 of the Odd and Offbeat Podcast has past guest Steve Hamilton in as an bonus host while Matt and Louie interview Eric Haines. We learn how Eric never ran away with the circus, his dad dropped him off at the circus! Then they get into the story of the a one man band that plays at the airport at 5am…and as luck turns out that one man band is their guest Eric Haines!

Here’s a video of Eric performing at the airport:

Odd News Story – This One-Man Band in the Seattle Airport Makes Us Incredibly Sad For Some Reason


Episode #34 – Mailing Chips and Divorce Dogs

Episode #34 begins with Matt’s techniques for hiding his love of sports, their field trip to the Amazon Balls, and then they get into the stories. This week the guys riff on the Royal Mail trying to get people to stop mailing garbage and the couple that got divorced over bull terriers.

Odd News Stories – Britain’s Royal Mail: Stop mailing empty chip bags – It’s Me or the Dogs


Episode #33 – Gay Penguins and Cotton Candy Meth!

Episode #33 is a very special New Year’s edition of the Odd and Offbeat Podcast. The guys talk about their new year resolutions, Matt getting impeached as student body president in high school, and then they get into the strange news stories! Learn about how Penguins are free loving then humans and cotton candy that can get you arrested.

Odd News Stories

CBS NEWS – Gay penguin couple hatches egg, welcomes first baby

FOX NEWS – Georgia woman who spent months in jail over cotton candy mistaken for meth sues police department