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Episode #36 – The Emotional Support Squirrel and Divorcing a Ghost

Episode #36 opens with Louie and Matt chatting about their techniques to avoid interaction with people on airplanes, and Louie’s cat having explosive diarrhea, then they get into the news stories. This week they talk about the emotional support squirrel that got kicked off a plane, and they lady that divorced a ghost!

Odd News Stories – A woman brought her ‘emotional support’ squirrel on a plane. – Jack Sparrow Impersonator Claims To Have Divorced A 300-Year-Old Ghost Pirate


Episode #1 – Marrying a Tree / Jars of Junk

Episode #1 – The inaugural episode of Odd and Offbeat!

This week Louie and Matt cover a Florida woman who in an attempt to save a ficus tree ends up marrying it, and a Houston man whose collection of jarred penises lead to his arrest. The world is a strange place!

Odd News Stories

People – “Florida Grandmother Marries a 100-Year Old Tree to Save It from Being Cut Down”

World News Daily Report – FBI Seises Over 3,000 Penises During Raid at Morgue Employee’s Home”

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