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Episode #233 – Beer Fireman and the Life Cycle of Street Corn

Episode #233 begins with Louie telling Matt that Nolan Ryan used to punch a barrel full of rice and Matt disagreeing that he did that. Then they revisit some strange news, this week they replay the stories

Odd News Stories – Man uses Bud Lite to keep wildfire flames away from California home

Huffington Post – Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Mourns Brief Life Of Urban Cornstalk

ArgusLeader – The kernel of hope: Sioux Falls mourns loss of 57th Street corn


Episode #175 Illegal Beer and the Missing Phone Booth

Episode #175 has the boys together recording in Louie’s kitchen and they are joined by Louie’s daughter. This week they chat about the beer that’s illegal in 15 states and the city that had their prize landmark, a phone booth stolen!

Odd News Stories – New Samuel Adams beer is so strong, it’s illegal in 15 states – Tiny town of Cope wants its phone booth back


Episode #111 – Toad Vomit Lozenges and the Beer Hike

Episode 111 begins with congratulations to Matt and Erika on having ten beautiful zygotes! Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about Isaac Newton’s recipe for making lozenges out of toad vomit and how you can get paid to hike and drink beer!

Odd News Stories – Newton’s recipe for ‘toad vomit lozenges’ up for auction – You Can Get Paid $20K to Drink Beer & Hike the Appalachian Trail in 2021


Episode #96 – Human Beer and the Ratmobile!

Episode #96 begins with Matt talking smack about the kids music and debate what the best Tupac song is, then they get to the strange news. This week they talk about the lady that brews beer in her bladder and teaching rats to drive cars!

Here’s the ratmobile!

Odd News Stories – Doctors Discover Booze Brewing In Sober Woman’s Bladder – Rats taught to drive tiny cars to lower their stress levels


Episode #92 – El Chapo Beer and Gluing Dads Stuff to the Ceiling

Episode #92 starts with Matt and Louie talking about middle school kids and the hypnotist that wanted to do an X Rated show for them. Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about El Chapo’s line of beer and the kid that slowly glued his dad’s stuff to the ceiling!

Here’s a pic of the ceiling:


Odd News Stories – New ‘El Chapo’ Beer Readies for Release in Mexico – Son glues dad’s belongings to the ceiling and adds more for every day he doesn’t notice