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Episode #218 – Summoning Bigfoot and Fake Cricket

Episode #218 begins with the guys talking about making pennies in residual checks from television appearances, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the guy that summoned bigfoot and the fake cricket match that was used to hustle people in Russia!

Odd News Stories – Man says he killed his friend because he ‘summoned Bigfoot,’ Oklahoma sheriff says – Scammers arrested after livestreaming fake IPL from farmer’s field to con gamblers in Russia


Episode #143 – Hunting Bigfoot and the Living Ghost

Episode #143 starts the Matt and Louie’s visiting a sketchy burrito truck and them not allowing Louie to order Juarez Fries. Then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the Official Bigfoot Hunting Season in Oklahoma an the lady who can’t convince the government she’s alive!

Odd News Stories – Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants To Create An Official Bigfoot Hunting Season – A French woman who was ruled dead in 2017 is fighting to be declared alive