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Episode #281 – Whale teeth and only fans of school

Episode #281 begins with Louie updating Matt about the auction item he stole from Matt and then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the man smuggling whale teeth and the high school teacher’s only fans!

Odd News Stories – Vermont fines man $50K after whale tooth, walrus tusk carvings seized at Canadian border – Missouri high school teacher is put on leave after school officials discover her page on porn site


Episode #269 Coaster Captives and Tons of Cheese

Episode #269 has Louie and Matt recording together in a meeting room in Albany Oregon! This week they talk about he people that got stuck on a roller coaster for more than 3 hours and the burger that’s made with 20 slices of cheese!

Odd News Stories – Roller coaster riders stuck upside down for hours at Wisconsin festival – Burger King Dishing Out 20-Slice Tall, All-Cheese ‘Burger’ In Thailand


Episode #266 – Vintage Oily Pennies and New Oily Pennies!

Episode #266 has Matt and Louie talk about how their brief visit in Springfield Oregon, then they get into the strange news. This week they revisit the guy who paid his employee in oily pennies and then they have an update on that story!

Odd News Stories – Coinstar fixes Georgia man’s oily penny paycheck problem – Boss Who Paid Worker’s Final Salary in Oily Pennies Ordered to Give Ex-Staffers More than $39,000


Episode #256 – Ghost Insurance and the Mammoth Meatball

Episode #256 begins with Louie and Matt’s anti aging tips, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the potential ghost car insurance claim, and the meatball made out of a mammoth!

Odd News Stories – Texas Man Blames ‘Mischievous Child Ghost’ for Pushing a Shopping Cart into His Mustang – I Can’t Shut Up About the Woolly Mammoth Meatball


Episode # 249 -Soo Much Wiener Mobile News

Episode #249 Begins with Matt trying to clone a wooley mammoth and then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the Wiener Mobile having it catalytic converter stolen and PETA offering to help!

Odd News Stories Oscar Mayer Wienermobile falls victim to catalytic converter theft during Las Vegas stop – PETA offers to pay for Oscar Mayer Wienermobile’s stolen catalytic converter if it becomes vegan mobile


Episode # 246 Free Cracker Barrel and the Lego Head

Episode #246 begins with Louie wrapping up his trip in the Midwest and Matt learning how durable babies are, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about getting engaged at the Cracker Barrel and swallowing LEGO heads!

Odd News Stories – 6 doctors swallowed Lego heads for science. Here’s what came out


Episode #240 Sanitation Dominatrix and Importing Sex Dolls

Episode #240 begins with Matt describing his new life as a rock and mineral collection and dime afficionado, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about he dominatrix’s that are way into sanitation and South Korea lifting the ban on importing sex dolls!

Here’s what the scene looked like at the coolest city council meeting ever!

In a close second place, here’s the sex doll meeting

Odd News Stories – ‘You may call me Mistress’: 3 leather-clad women pitch building dungeon to Fort Lauderdale commissioners – South Korea lifts ban on imported sex dolls


Episode #239 – Speeding Onions and Owning a Unicorn

Episode #239 begins with Louie telling Matt about this travel woes, then they get into the strange news. This week they crack jokes about the cop dressed as the Grinch who gives onions to speeding drivers and the girl who can legally own a unicorn!

Odd News Stories – Deputy dressed as Grinch gives onions to speeding drivers – Little Girl Gets Approval for State License to Own a Living Unicorn (If She Can Find One)


Episode #238 – Lemur Gets Out Of Shawshank

Episode #238 begins with Louie getting bumped from a flight and then they revisit some strange news. This week they replay the tale of Maki the Lemur that goes missing from the zoo!

Odd News Stories – San Francisco Zoo offers $2,100 reward for missing lemur – Maki, lemur stolen from San Francisco Zoo, found safe in nearby city


Episode #235 Mystery Foot and the Chain Smoking Marathon!

Episode #235 begins with Matt learning about Louie’s trip to New Zealand and Australia, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the foot found in a pool at Yellowstone and the guy that ran a marathon while chain smoking!
Here’s the guy smoking and running a marathon!

Odd News Stories – Yellowstone National Park identifies person whose foot was found in hot spring – Chinese man runs a 3:28 marathon while chain-smoking


Episode #225 – The Undertaker Contest and Horse Punches

Episode # begins with Matt’s dad hoarding plastic baseball helmets, then the guys get into some vintage strange news. This week they revisit episode #165 with the grave digging competition and punching a horse!

Odd News Stories – Hungarian gravediggers face off in high-speed contest – Maniac punches carriage horse, attacks two others in Central Park: driver


Episode #224 Strange Music and Mullet Champion

Episode #224 has Matt getting all the details about Louie’s stay in a giant potato, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about about International Strange Music Day and the Mullet Championships!

Here’s the Mullet winner!

Odd News Stories – International Strange Music Day promotes expanding musical horizons – Who has the best kid mullet in America? Meet 8-year-old Emmitt Bailey.


Episode #221 – Wrong Clean Up and Illegal Hairdoo

Episode #221 has the guys hopping into the time machine and revisiting some strange news. This week they talk about the guy that broke into a house to clean it and barbers in New York doing illegal haircuts!

Odd News Stories – New Jersey house cleaner accidentally breaks into wrong home, cleans up

WGRZ – New York legalizes giving a haircut on Sundays


Episode # 219 – Self Defense Sword and the Underwater Music Festival

Episode #219 has the guys talking about Matt getting into learning magic tricks and Louie’s predictions of the magic conference he’s attending. Finally they get into the strange news! This week the talk about using a sword for self defense and the underwater music festival!

Odd News Stories – Part of man’s hand cut off with a sword at a 7-Eleven, officials say – Diving into some tunes at Florida underwater music festival


Episode #218 – Summoning Bigfoot and Fake Cricket

Episode #218 begins with the guys talking about making pennies in residual checks from television appearances, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the guy that summoned bigfoot and the fake cricket match that was used to hustle people in Russia!

Odd News Stories – Man says he killed his friend because he ‘summoned Bigfoot,’ Oklahoma sheriff says – Scammers arrested after livestreaming fake IPL from farmer’s field to con gamblers in Russia


Episode #217 – Waffle Robbery and the Orange Lobster

Episode #217 starts with Matt debriefing Louie about his recent TV appearance, then they get into the strange news. This week they chat about the family dinner at the Waffle House that turn into a robbery and they orange lobster who tried to sneak into the Red Lobster!

Odd News Stories – Police: Family of 6 sits down at North Carolina Waffle House, then 3 rob it – Rare One-in-30-Million Orange Lobster Rescued by Red Lobster


Episode #215 – Time Travel Sexting and NASA’s Moon Roaches

Episode #215 begins with Matt’s shocking discovery that mosquito hawks don’t actually eat mosquitos! Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the woman who stabbed her husband over a vintage picture of her on his phone and the fate of the cockroaches that than NASA fed moon dust to!

Odd News Stories – Wife stabs husband over explicit photos with ‘another woman’, discovers images were of her younger self – NASA: Give us back our moon dust and cockroaches


Episode #213 Napping Bus Driver and Out of Shape Murderer

Episode #213 begins with Matt getting in a fight at a drug store in Canada, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the bus driver who loves edibles and why you should always up your cardio game before you murder someone!

Odd News Stories – Bus driver who was on CT’s I-95: He didn’t know his gummy snacks included THC – Deputies: South Carolina man died of heart attack while burying body


Episode #117 – Cocaine Coffee and the Space Balloon!

Episode #117 begins with the guys discussing Louie’s love of a giant sub sandwich from the grocery store and how the flavor progresses over the course of a week in the fridge. Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about hiding cocaine in coffee beans and taking a hot air balloon to space!

Here’s the cocaine coffee beans!

from Fox News

Odd News Stories – Cocaine found in hollowed-out coffee beans addressed to ‘John Wick’ villain, cops say – Firm to offer balloon rides from Alaska to the edge of space


Episode #83 – Cocaine Sweater and Cowboy Pigeons!

Episode #83 opens up with the guys talking about performing at corporate events and haunted places in San Antonio and Louie’s visit to the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, TX. Then they get into some sweet news stories. This week they talk about Columbia suing Walmart over a sweater and pigeons wearing cowboy hats!

Here’s the offensive sweater:

santa cocaine sweater

Here’s a pigeon heading to the rodeo:

pigeon with cowboy hat

Odd News Stories – Colombia is threatening to sue Walmart over a cocaine-themed holiday sweater – Pigeons wearing tiny cowboy hats spotted in Las Vegas


Episode 73- Erin Ingle In Studio and Eels on the Road!

Episode 73 has comedian Erin Ingle visit us at the Odd and Offbeat Podcast studio (aka Matt’s basement) where we chat about comedy, and disappointing your parents. Then we get into the strange news. This week we talk about the 7,500 pounds of slime eels on the road in Southern Oregon!

Here’s the awesomeness of the slime eels on the road:

Visit Erin online at:

Odd News Stories – Truck full of eels overturns on U.S. 101, dousing sedan with slithering sea creatures


Episode #71 – Emotional Support Clown and the TV Man

Episode #71 begins with Matt sharing his experience in the Bahamas a week after Hurricane Dorian. Then they get into the hard hitting strange news stories. This week they explore the man who hired an emotional support clown and the TV man leaving TV’s on peoples porches!

Here’s video of the TV man:

Odd News Stories – A New Zealand Man Hired An Emotional Support Clown To Sit In On His Redundancy Meeting

The Verge – Human dressed as TV trolls town by leaving TVs on people’s porches


Episode #66 – Faja Heist and the Poop Museum

Episode #66 begins with the guys drinking a 60 year old bottle of Guinness that Louie bought at a junk shop in Wyoming! Spoiler Alert: It doesn’t kill Matt or Louie.

Then they get into the odd news stories. This week they talk about stealing $2 million in body shaping undergarments and the poop museum in Japan!

Odd News Stories – Burglars Lift $2 Million Worth Of Body-Shaping ‘Faja’ Undergarments – Japanese poop museum turns bodily function into a ‘cute’ and fun exhibition for children and adults alike


Episode #55 – Ear in a Arm and the Unicorn Sheep

Episode #55 starts with the guys chatting about society expecting Matt to know how to speak Spanish and Louie to know karate. Then they get into the strange news. This week they cover the first story that has creeped out both Matt and Louie, which is about a guy that has an ear growing out of his forearm! They also chat about the Unicorn Sheep that was saved by a case of beer!

We also have a tip from our favorite life coach Randy!

Here’s a picture of the ear:

ear growing out of arm
Image from:

Here’s the unicorn sheep:

Unicorn sheep!
Image from

Odd News Stories – Perth artist Stelarc grows ear on his arm, plans to connect it to internet – Strange ‘unicorn’ sheep saved from death by two cases of beer


Episode #46 – Cow Tinder and Trapped in a Window

Episode #46 begins with Matt and Louie talking about good looking men they’ve recently seen, then they get into the strange news stories. The first story is about a dating app for cows…actual cows! The next story is about a woman’s antics when he has a poop that won’t flush during a date that leads to her getting trapped inside a window!

Odd News Stories – New app functions like Tinder for cows – Woman trapped in window trying to retrieve poo after Tinder date


Episode #44 – Burgler Buddy and Not A Bomb Scare

Episode #44 starts with Matt and Louie chatting about people who talk loudly about very personal stuff in public on their cellphones and how to diffuse fights on the train. Then they get into the odd news stories. They start with the guy that gave the guy that robbed his house a ride home, and the NASA package labeled “Not A Bomb” that creates a bomb scare.

Odd News Stories – Burglar Breaks Into House to Watch TV, Convinces Homeowner to Give Him a Ride – Mysterious Floating Package Sparks Bomb Scare, Turns Out To Be NASA Experiment


Episode #41 – Sushi Grenade and Guy With 9 1/2 Digits

Episode #41 has the guys chatting about Matt’s trip to Morocco a decade ago, and then they get into the strange news stories. This week the discuss the guy that made a grenade in a sushi restaurant and they have Hypnotist Chris Mabrey in studio and they chat about when he was attacked by an eagle!

Odd News Stories – Iowa man built grenade at sushi restaurant to prove a point, police say


Episode #40 – Snake Butt Bite and the Chinese Anger Room

Episode #40 begins with Matt laying out what’s in his will if he dies while he’s on vacation and Louie’s brand new bidet! Then they get into the stories. This week the guys chat about the lady who got bit in the butt by a snake and Karla from Pacific Animal Productions calls in to answer their questions about snakes. Then they talk about the “Anger Room” in China where pay to smash stuff!

Odd News Stories – Snake in toilet bites woman on the butt – Chinese ‘anger room’ lets customers smash stuff with baseball bats


Episode #33 – Gay Penguins and Cotton Candy Meth!

Episode #33 is a very special New Year’s edition of the Odd and Offbeat Podcast. The guys talk about their new year resolutions, Matt getting impeached as student body president in high school, and then they get into the strange news stories! Learn about how Penguins are free loving then humans and cotton candy that can get you arrested.

Odd News Stories

CBS NEWS – Gay penguin couple hatches egg, welcomes first baby

FOX NEWS – Georgia woman who spent months in jail over cotton candy mistaken for meth sues police department


Episode #32 – Bah Humbug Lights and Snowball Fights

Episode #32 begins with the guys talking about their favorite Christmas memories, then they get to the news stories.  The first story is about a lady who got in trouble by putting up lights that said “Bah Humbug” and a kid who took on city hall so he could nail his brother in the face with a snowball!

Odd News Stories

Seattle Times – Bah, Humbug: Florida neighbors scorn woman over display

AP News – Boy hits target, convinces town to scrap snowball fight ban


Special Christmas Podcast…

Tomorrow a very special Odd and Offbeat Podcast comes out!  Matt and Louie cover the lady who wrote “Bah Humbug” in lights and the kid that took on city hall to throw a snowball at his brother’s face!

Here’s a preview of the episode:


Episode #31 – Tinderbox Circus Side Show and Gibsonton, FL

Episode #31 start with the Tinderbox Circus Sideshow sitting in-studio for an interview, before we get to the story about Gibsonton, FL which is a town where carney’s go to retire.  Then Louie And Matt wrap things by chatting about Matt’s love of watching videos of people getting Baht Fly Larva removed from their bodies! 

Here’s a picture of the Human Blockhead stunt:

And here’s the X-ray of it that is referenced in the episode:

Odd News Story

For your amusement, Gibsonton is a historical sideshow


Episode #29 – Koala STD and the Overdue Book!

Episode #29 of the Odd and Offbeat Podcast starts with Louie and Matt talking about their adventure visiting Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum and Matt’s appearance on the Late Late Show with James Corden!  If that’s not enough excitement, then they get into this week’s stories.  They chat about how chlamydia is a plague to the Koala community and a library book that’s 50 years overdue!

Here’s Matt on the show:

Here’s a peek at the toilet seat museum:

And the overdue book:

Odd News Stories

TheWeek – “Vaccine for koala chlamydia in sight” – “50 years overdue: Georgia man returns Lexington public library book”


Episode #28 – 36 Hours of Garth Brooks and Stripper Karaoke

Episode #28 starts with Matt talking about going to “online magic university” and Louie teaching Matt how to fend off offers to make people’s wives disappear! Then they get into the stories. The first story is about a man named Cliff Satterwhite, who sang Garth Brook’s Friends in Low Places for 36 hours straight…and they landed him as a in studio guest! Cliff sits in for a second story about a Dave Chapelle singing Karaoke at a Portland strip club!

Cliff also talks about the Real Men Wear Pink fundraiser. Click here to donate!

Odd News Stories – “Man sings Garth Brooks’ ‘Friends in Low Places’ for 36-hours straight” – “Dave Chappelle sang Radiohead at Portland strip club karaoke, Reddit says”


Episode #27 – Satan Doesn’t Visit Arkansas and Daycare Crack

Episode #27 the guys talk about what Matt looks for when hiring an attorney and renting out a posse.  Then they get into probably the most epic story ever where Arkansas clears Satan from lighting a fire and a kid getting crack at daycare!

Odd News Stories – “Mysterious Hole Shooting Out Flames in Arkansas Is Definitely ‘Not Satan,’ Officials Say” – “Four year old girl brings home crack cocaine from daycare”


Episode #26 – Coin Flip for Jail and the Face Fart

Episode #26 begins with the guys talking about olde tyme photos and vintage prisons then they get into the weird news.  This weeks stories are about the police that flip a coin to see if someone goes to jail, then they talk about farts leaking out of your mouth.  To dig a little bit into the face fart situation, they call Dr. Jody to get her opinion on farts.

Odd News Stories

Reuters – “Georgia police use coin toss to decide whether to arrest woman” – “Farts can leak out through your mouth if you hold them in, expert says”


Episode #25 – Marijuana Lobster and Produce Butt

Episode #25 starts with the guys discussing Louie’s fear of needles and Matt’s driving record, then we get into the stories!  This week we cover the restaurant that gets their lobsters high on marijuana before cooking them and the man accused of rubbing produce on his butt at a grocery store!

Odd News Stories

AP News – “Fishmonger offers lobsters some herb before the butter”

King5 – “Man accused of rubbing produce on his butt at Northern Virginia grocery store”


Episode #23 – Unluckiest Guy in the World and Jumping Dogs

Episode #23 opens with Matt and Louie chatting about “liquid gold” and getting Matt’s affairs in order, then get into the stories. This week they chat about the most unlucky guy in the world who was mauled by a bear, bitten by a rattlesnake and most recently attacked by a shark! Plus Samantha Valle from Mutts Gone Nuts calls in to talk about her world record jumping dogs!

Odd News Stories – “Man attacked by shark was previously mauled by a bear and bitten by a rattlesnake”
KYMA – “Rescue dogs achieve worldwide fame”

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