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Episode 284 – iPhone Skydiving and Toe Alarm Clock

Episode 284 has Louie on land and Matt in the Ocean and they announce the release of their new book: C is for Conspiracy, the ABC’s of Conspiracy Theories! For this week’s strange news, they talk about the cellphone that survived a 16,000 feet fall and the guy who was woken up by the hotel manager sucking on his toes!

Odd News Stories – See the iPhone that survived getting sucked out of an Alaska Airlines plane and fell 16,000 feet – Hilton Hotel manager arrested for allegedly waking up guest by sucking on his toes


Episode #53 – Shawn Farquhar and Easter Bunny Fight Update

Episode #53 begins with Matt talking about how the genius bar called his iPhone “vintage” and how Louie became the “narc” in his town.

Then they have a special guest Shawn Farquhar in studio in an interview. Shawn is a two time world champion magician and tells us how to save people from a burning building and get a lot of air time when you are on a talk show…and much more!

Odd News Story – Punching Easter bunny who broke up fight has rap sheet


Episode #4 – Horton See’s a Poo and the Locked iPhone

Episode #4 Matt and Louie relate their real life experiences to the lady who pooped at the Tim Hortons and decide what’s worse being locked out of your iPhone for 47 years, or doing a factory reset.  The guys also chat about their trips to California!

Odd News Stories

The – “Woman Furiously Sh!ts On Floor Of Tim Hortons, Throws It At Employee'”

Popular Mechanics – “Mother Claims Child Locked Her Out Of Her iPhone For 47 Years”

Here’s The Tim Horton’s Pooping Video!

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