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Episode #203 – Treasure Jail, Pirahna Bees, and Steve!

Episode #203 – This week they guys are joined by Steve Hamilton, a fan favorite on the podcast! This week they chat about they treasure hunter that’s in jail for not telling people where the treasure is and the man eaten by piranhas while trying to escape from bees!

Odd News Stories – 6 years and counting: Ex-treasure hunter still stuck in jail – Man eaten by piranhas after jumping into lake to escape bees


Episode #26 – Coin Flip for Jail and the Face Fart

Episode #26 begins with the guys talking about olde tyme photos and vintage prisons then they get into the weird news.  This weeks stories are about the police that flip a coin to see if someone goes to jail, then they talk about farts leaking out of your mouth.  To dig a little bit into the face fart situation, they call Dr. Jody to get her opinion on farts.

Odd News Stories

Reuters – “Georgia police use coin toss to decide whether to arrest woman” – “Farts can leak out through your mouth if you hold them in, expert says”