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Episode #232 – Doing Nothing and the Bee Eviction

Episode #232 begins with Matt learning that a baby’s first poo can get you high, and then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about they guy who gets paid to “do nothing” and the lady who unleashed a swarm of bees at her eviction!

Odd News Stories – Dream job: the Japanese man who gets paid to do nothing – Woman charged with sending bee swarm on deputies at eviction


Episode #118 – Lemonade Bailout and Robot Fans!

Episode 118 starts out with Matt and Louie pitching their new idea to roast people you are in facebook fights with, and Matt’s nephew insulting him! This week they talk about a financial bailout for lemonade stands, and Japanese baseball fans that are robots!

Here’s some robots cheering on human baseball players!

Odd News Stories – Coronavirus prompts Country Time to offer lemonade stand stimulus checks for kids – Dancing robots replace fans at Japanese baseball game


Episode #81 – Brain Worm and the Glasses Ban

Episode #81 begins with Matt and Louie talking about the world’s greatest con, the Photo Booth! Then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the 15 year old worm living in a a man’s brain and Japan’s ban on wearing glasses!

Here’s what a tape worm looks like:

Image from

Odd News Stories – FLESH-EATING TAPEWORM REMOVED FROM MAN’S BRAIN AFTER 15 YEARS OF INFECTION – Japan ban on women wearing glasses sparks backlash