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Episode #282 Voting For Yourself and Finger Salad

Episode #282 has Matt checking in on Louie’s COVID status and they talk about Salt Lake City and visiting Chubby Checker, then they get into the strange news. This week they talk about the guy who lost an election because he didn’t vote for himself and the salad that’s served with the restaurant manager’s finger!

Odd News Stories – Thurston County candidate who didn’t vote for himself loses by 1 vote – Customer sues Chopt eatery chain over salad that she says contained a piece of manager’s finger


Episode #124 – Topless Voting and Bottomless Transplants

Episode 124 begins with Matt learning how to talk to Santa Clause and Louie’s wife joining the Daughter’s of the American Revolution. Then they get into how to convince your polling place to allow topless voting and why you may need a poop transplant!

Odd News Stories – ‘Well then, can I vote naked?’: Topless N.H. voter said she doesn’t regret her decision – Poop transplant cures man’s ‘drunkenness disease’